Trend Perspectives by Cynthia Maxwell

As far as technology goes, I would consider myself at the analog level! It is not something I hold great interest in, but I appreciate it. I have a few electronics-savvy friends that keep me updated and have pushed me into the future a few times; otherwise, I might still be using my pink Razor cell phone and watching TV on the original 200-pound flat screen. However, when it comes to kitchen and cooking technology, my ears perk up! We know that cooking at home has become huge in the last year so let's look at what's hot in kitchen tech.

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The Scale

Scales are a big trend as now there are cutting boards with scales included and craft cocktail scales. The Drop Scale caught my attention as a hardcore baker. Imagine baking something that needs one cup of flour, but you are short a tablespoon. The Drop will scale the remaining recipe ingredients to achieve a perfectly executed dish still. The scale also connects via blue tooth, weighs out the ingredients precisely, suggests ingredient substitutions, and has an app that provides hundreds of recipes to try with video demonstrations. The surface is non-slip and heat resistant, and a battery with year-long usage that powers off automatically during non-use. Claims of exact measurement in both kilograms and pounds, the Drop company drops a challenge that you will never use your measuring cups again. This scale is going on my must-have list.

The In-Home Ice Cream Machine

With a projected launch date sometime in 2022, the Cold Snap will for sure be sought by many. Similar to the functions of the Nespresso and the Kuerig, Cold Snap will make single-serve ice cream, smoothie, and frozen drinks in as little as 60 to 90 seconds. Using pods made of aluminum, "ColdSnap™ pods will result in a 25% to 50% reduction in carbon emissions associated with making and distributing ice cream."

The rapid freezing technology is similar to the compressor condenser technology of your fridge's freezer but much more powerful. All of the freezing and mixing happens inside the pod, so it gets colder quicker and keeps the mess out of the machine's components. The initial launch will include ice cream flavor favorites offered in dairy and non-dairy, fruit smoothies, frozen coffee, and frozen cocktails. The company is also now working on healthy protein smoothies and meal replacement smoothies. Ice cream lovers will be delighted!

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The Future is Multi-functional

Whether consumers live in smaller or larger spaces, no one wants clutter on the counter. If you do not have an appliance garage in your cabinet system, the small appliances have to go somewhere right?

Image courtesy of BravaA new wave of small and large appliances now come with a variety of functions. Starting small with the Brava, weighing 34 pounds, it is an oven, microwave, pizza oven, frying pan, Sous Vide, grill, and broiler. Brava cooks at microwave speed, supposedly a close rival to your local pizzeria's wood-fired oven, and has good reviews to support it.

If you love air frying, the new Ninja DT251 does that and more, including; air roasting, whole roasting, broiling, toasting, and dehydrating. The Samsung Prezio Dual Cook impressively becomes two ovens. In one section of the oven you can roast a chicken at 180 degrees, in the other section bake a dessert at 160 degrees. The multi-functional small cooking appliances category is on fire right now. It makes you consider the need for an actual full-sized oven!

The LG InstaView Range was a standout at the CES 2021 tech show. The 6.4 cubic foot capacity oven includes convection baking and air frying. The award-winning feature is its waterless air sous vide mode-maintaining temperature between 100 to 205 degrees for up to 48 hours. LG has partnered with smart kitchen companies Drop, Innet, and Side Chef-the partnerships allow the consumer to access recipes from these companies that work with the range. If you're cooking a recipe from Drop, the temperature will set accordingly and perform multi-step functions like raise to broil temperature at just the right time.

A pan that is supposed to replace eight traditional cookware pieces, The Always Pan is by From Our Place. Replacing your steamer, skillet, spatula, non-stick pan, spoon rest, fry, and sauté pan. The Always Pan offers a load of convenience. Also well designed, with eight colors to choose from, including lavender. This bestseller was on many Christmas lists in 2020 and is still a coveted piece of cookery.

Enjoying the kitchen has become a whole lot more fun with the advanced assistance of these future-forward trends.

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Image courtesy of Brava.

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