Symrise’s Sabor in America event on July 13th, 2015 brought together experts in marketing and Hispanic culture with Symrise sweet, savory and beverage teams to discuss the explosion of Latino influence on the food and beverage landscape of the country along with some creative sample tastings. The seminar took place in Chicago’s West Loop at the festive and visually dynamic Latin fusion eatery and private event space, Carnivale.

The event was held as industry professionals had gathered in the city for the 75th Annual IFT15 Expo. Among the topics covered was a look at the snacking habits of Latino Millennials. Presented by Esther Franklin and Danielle Cherry, of Stardom MediaVest Group NY, the audience learned some of the inspiration behind what this influential demographic is seeking when it comes to snacking.

The duo covered the “snackification” of America and what millennials are looking for in terms of taste and convenience. “They’re looking for something to boost energy and keep pace with their sophisticated palates,” said Franklin. And its not only about taste, but contrasts of texture are also important (crunchiness, softness, etc.)  “Millennials have a huge impact on the snacking industry.”

One in five of today’s millennials are Latino, making that population a driving force behind the latest food trends. As a generation that enjoys and expects a plethora of choices and unlimited opportunities, food manufacturers and chefs have a unique opportunity to tap into ethic flavors that provide a sense of comfort and nostalgia, as well as introduce unexplored and underutilized flavors that may be mainstream in Latin counties and give them broader appeal among a new audience.

Three expectations for millennial and Latino snack occasions:

1. Authenticity

2. Diversity

3. Community

“It’s all about elevating and finding authentic food experiences,” said Cherry. It’s also about working in flavor combinations that appeal to Latinos and presenting them in tandem with current food trends. “This is the generation of the superfood and gluten-free options and that goes into how we snack,” she said.

Bringing authenticity, freshness and diversity to food experiences in a way that appeals to the desire for socially functional food is key to reaching the Latino Millennial food consumer. Snacks that can be enjoyed with others, that utilize emerging and tending flavors, that are portable and fresh tasting are the ones that will be seen on the market in the coming years as the Latino population continues to grow.

Giving the introduction was Emmanuel Laroche, Vice President Marketing & Consumer Insights, Global Marketing Leader, Symrise NA, who emphasized the potential purchasing power of this segment of the population. With a projected growth by 2050 of over 167% to the Hispanic population (the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States), it’s an appetite that can’t be ignored.

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