The Symrise team is continually studying the Latino population in the United States for our ongoing Sabor in America initiative. Sabor in America is all about being prepared for the future as the cultural make-up of America continues to change. Therefore, we are consistently studying Latino consumers and the impact that they are having on mainstream America's food, beverage and culture. 

As a part of our research we are dedicated to continually exploring different areas of the United States and different countries of influence from Latin America. Over the last year or so we have been around the U.S. to New York City, Chicago, and Miami as well as Brazil to capture insights first hand. 

Below you will find a recap from all of our recent trips with insights on food, beverage, culture, art and more. Click "more" on each of the articles below to read the full recap!

Sabor in America: A Latino Trek Around New York City

21 minutes ago

Recently, some members of the Symrise team went on a trek around New York City to explore the rich Latino culture in our own backyard as part of our Sabor In America Initiative. Our goal was to find inspiration for new flavors and concepts as well as observe the effect of Latino consumers on mainstream America.

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Chicago Latino: Exploring Latino Culture in the Windy City

22 minutes ago

By: Dylan Thompson, Symrise Marketing & Consumer Insight Specialist Recently a few members of the Symrise NA marketing team visited Chicago for a tour of notable Latino locations. Our goal was to explore everything Latino within the city and to learn how consumers in mainstream America are being influenced by Latino culture.

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Exploring Latino Culture in Miami

22 minutes ago

By Ian Thurston, Symrise Senior Marketing Communication Manager Bienvenidos a Miami! As we continue our deep dive into understanding the changing face of America, we joined our Scent & Care colleagues in Miami.

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Brazil, Caipirinhas and the World Cup

20 minutes ago

To celebrate the World Cup, June is dedicated to Brazil on in-sight. Recently Emmanuel Laroche, VP of MSCI North America, visited our Symrise LATAM headquarters in Brazil. There's a Brazilian saying that "God made the world in six days, the seventh he devoted to Rio".

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Brazil, Caipirinhas and the World Cup: Part 2 - Brazilian Street Food

20 minutes ago

By Emmanuel Laroche, Vice President of Marketing & Consumer Insights On Saturday morning Carlos Calderon (MSCI Head - LATAM) my guide in São Paulo took me to the open-air flea market at Praça Benedito Calixto in Pinheiros.

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