Snaxpo was held this year in Houston, Texas from March 19 – 22, 2016. Symrise chose the event to sample its "Sandwich Americana" seasoning concepts from the fun, colorful Symrise “Snack Truck.”

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Celebrating the Flavors of America

America has a wealth of local and regional flavors, and consumers are rediscovering them after being increasingly exposed to global cuisines such as Asian and Latin over the last decade or so. Many of America’s regional flavors are bold and unique. The current trends in the snack industry definitely tilt toward the savory. In fact, it’s been estimated that for every $10 spent on snack foods about $1 represents savory snacks.

Millennials and Gen Z consumers are on a constant hunt for new, fun, cuisines and snacks. Not surprisingly, snack trucks (serving so-called street foods) may be found in cities large and small, serving a huge variety of tasty and savory snacks. Our Symrise snack truck served up unique, “Sandwich Americana” tasty bites to huge success and interest.

The Symrise snack truck featured a rotating menu over the course of the three-day event. Our "Sandwich Americana" seasoning concepts were based on signature sandwiches from around the United States. The sandwiches included the iconic Sloppy Joe, the Italian Hoagie, delicious Hawaiian Ham and the popular Cuban Sandwich.

Many of the snack industry professionals were quite pleased that Symrise had taken this approach. They agreed that consumers have become so used to global flavors that it was important to go back to our own roots and our own food cultures to spark interest. This is especially true when the savory regional flavors that America boasts are so delicious.

In an article by Joanie Spencer for Meat + Poultry (March 28, 2016) entitled: “U.S. excels in savory snacking,” Ms. Spencer quotes Jared Koerten the senior analyst for Euromonitor:

“Globally, $17.20 was spent per person on savory snacks in 2015. But in the United States, that number comes out to about $117 per person in the same year, about 7 times the global average for savory snacks.”

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By every indication, the trend is expected to continue and remain quite strong. Symrise “Sandwich Americana” seasonings fit with the fun recent “meal on a chip” trend that goes along with the success of this category.

The Overall Evaluation

Based on the strong feedback we received from the Snaxpo attendees, the “Sandwich Americana” seasonings created strong interest and sparked the creative energies of product developers and marketers alike.

Check out the key insights from our Sandwich Americana Concepts below:




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