The mad rush of the back-to-school transition leaves plenty of parents wishing they had a few more hands, not to mention hours in the day. It should come as no surprise, then, that they’re looking for any means of added convenience, including reaching for pre-packaged snacks.

However, they still want options that are healthy for kids, with less sugar, sodium, and other additives and preservatives. Food manufacturers and restaurants alike should take this as a challenge.

Consumers are going to buy snacks to carry their kids through long days of classes and after-school activities. How can you become the brand they turn to? Here are a couple of companies doing it right along with some creative ideas to get in the game.


That’s It Snacks

This health-conscious company took a page from the RXBAR playbook by serving up minimal ingredients and listing them boldly on the front of the label. 

Harried parents with no time to parse ingredient lists will love the simplicity of fruit bars that cite nothing more than “1 Apple + 12 Strawberries” as the entire list of ingredients or Crunchables Organic Apple snacks that are literally just dried apples. 

Kids might even be persuaded to enjoy raisins when they’re lodged inside organic, vegan dark chocolate truffles (that are just 33 calories each).


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Subscription Crates

Loot crates of every stripe exploded in popularity during the pandemic lockdown, delivering everything from apparel to vinyl albums to foods like fruit, meat, and full meals, complete with prep and cooking instructions. 

Subscription box services like Harry & David’s and Hickory Farms have been around forever, but the playing field has grown immeasurably in the last several years, thanks to the convenience of online ordering.

Several companies offer interesting options for snack boxes, with contents ranging from junk food to organic snacks to offerings with an international flair. 

For parents looking to impart a little culture and encourage kids to expand their palates, the Universal Yums snack box is a popular service, especially since some of the snacks are more suited to adults, meaning everyone in the household gets a little something.

Thrive Market is a great choice for organic, non-GMO snacks, with options like Jackson’s Honest chips, Harvest Snaps, Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins, dried fruit packets, and much more. Filters account for all kinds of alternative diets, as well, with options for gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, and other restrictions.

This service operates like a full market, so consumers can stock boxes not only with snacks for kids but also pantry staples, meat and seafood, supplements, health and beauty products, and cleaning supplies, all delivered straight to their door. Members save up to 30% over MSRP and enjoy fast carbon-neutral shipping.


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Adding Convenience

Parents can certainly pack lunches and snacks for their kids, but some need all the help they can get, which is where restaurants and cafés can step in. 

Offering pre-packed, grab-and-go lunch and snack boxes parents can pick up with their morning coffee is a great way to throw busy parents a lifeline and ensure balanced meals for children as they head off to school.

Snack boxes could be as simple as a piece of fruit and in-house items like baked goods or granola bars. Lunches could be far more complex, including healthy, kid-friendly dishes, drinks, and more.


Make Healthy Snacks Easy

As a restaurant owner or food manufacturer, there are a myriad of ways to get in on the back-to-school snack market. All it takes is a solid understanding of parents’ pain points and a bit of creativity to add convenience and appeal.


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