We attended the 2024 Winter Fancy Food Show, held in the vibrant city of Las Vegas! It has once again brought together food enthusiasts, industry experts, and passionate creators. This is where food aficionados and industry leaders converged to explore the latest in flavors, trends, and culinary craftsmanship. In this blog post, we'll delve into the top 12 trends that took center stage and offer a sneak peek into some of the flavors and concepts that are to influence our dining experiences in the year ahead!


Peach Flavored Products

The abundance of peach-flavored products at the Fancy Food Show suggests that peach flavor significantly influences various product categories, including beverages, gourmet crackers, frozen treats, and innovative snacks. This trend reflects consumers' preferences for natural sweetness, wellness-oriented ingredients, and distinctive flavor combinations. Take a look at these samples of what we came across.


Vinut- Popping Boba Bubble Tea Peach & Lychee RTD 









PS- Hot Honey Peach Wing Sauce, other cool flavors were Candied Jalapeno & Pineapple Siracha 







Bizarre Fruits: Uncharted Orchard

The Fancy Food Show featured a trend of unique and bizarre fruits, showcasing a growing demand for natural fruity flavors and novel food experiences. Products such as Wild Huckleberry Preserves, and THC-infused Huckleberry and Marionberry Gummies highlight the consumer fascination with uncommon fruits and diverse taste profiles. Take a peek at two flavors that stood out to us!




Kankitsu Labo- Dry Candied Japanese Citrus Peel: Yuzu, Amanatsu, Iyokan, Kawachi Bankan & Blood Orange, Setouchi





HAKU- Sakura Cherry Blossom Shoyu sauce is a traditionally brewed Japanese seasoning sauce







Flourishing Flavors: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The trend of non-alcoholic drinks infused with floral and botanical flavors is on the rise at the Fancy Food Show. These drinks boast sophisticated, complex, and natural tastes, indicating consumers' shift towards health-conscious yet indulgent drink options. Check out these flourishing flavors.


 Tilden Tandem- Premium non-alcoholic beverage has flavor notes of bitter orange, tart cherry, American oak, lapsang, rooibos, ginger, and cayenne








Flouwer Co.- Cocktail & Garnishing Set; organically grown edible flowers, all-natural extracts, and plant-based ingredients. Orange Blossom, Sweet Rose Water, Lavender Basil 








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The Fusion of Bourbon and Japanese Flavors

The trend of infusing bourbon into Japanese products represents a bold fusion of Eastern and Western culinary traditions, offering sophisticated and complex flavors that cater to a discerning palate. From aged sauces to spiced treats, these products showcase the innovative potential of cross-cultural culinary exploration. We experienced some interesting spices and flavorful soy sauce!



Bluegrass Soy Sauce- Small Batch Bourbon Ponzu is a combination of Bluegrass Soy Sauce, all-natural fresh lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, & a hint of Kentucky bourbon



Bourbon Barrel Foods- Handcrafted Bourbon Smoked Togarashi Spice, a traditional Japanese seven spice blend with an added “bourbon barrel” twist


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Middle East and Mediterranean Delights

The vibrant and diverse flavors of the Middle East and the Mediterranean are a notable trend at the Fancy Food Show. These products showcase the rich culinary heritage and contemporary innovation within these regional cuisines, featuring an array of spices, dips, spreads, and other culinary delights. These are two samples that stood out!


Casablanca Market- Ras El Hanout (Moroccan Spice) & Rose Chermoula Spice and Harissa, it will add Mediterranean/Moroccan intensity to any cuisine  









Fusha- Muhammara Mediterranean-style roasted red pepper & walnut  









Trending Bites: When TikTok Tastes Hit Retail

The transition of TikTok trends into retail products is a testament to the significant influence of social media on consumer behavior and market trends. Products that gain popularity on platforms like TikTok often see a surge in demand, prompting manufacturers and retailers to respond swiftly. Everyone knows TikTok trends are all the rage! We featured some of these products below.


 Sunday Supper Mozzafritto- Plant Based Breaded Mozzarella cheese sticks. Their Lasagna is Billie Eilish’s favorite! 








Dominique Ansel- Croissant from Europastry. Creator of the cronut 









As we conclude our delightful journey through the 2024 Winter Fancy Food Show, we hope you've enjoyed the glimpse of tantalizing tastes, innovative trends, and culinary creativity that this event had to offer. If you’d like to explore these trends further or learn more about our products, we invite you to get in touch with Symrise today. Our team of experts are ready to provide you with all the information you need! Contact us here

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