Even though each 4th of July holiday seems to swing the healthy/not-healthy pendulum with food and beverage trends, one thing that always stays the same year after year is the fact that we love those trends. Always delicious and always new, from fusion cuisine to plant-based options, there’s a lot to be said for summer holiday food and drink sensations.

The trends coming this year are no different, either. This Independence Day, we’ll see a lot of traditional dishes with sides of nostalgia served up, but there will also be new mocktails and a movement toward new foods that present a global flair. Here are a few new twists for the 4th of July foods we can look forward to this year.


Independence Day Food Trends in 2022

Whether due to restaurants aiming to cut costs without sacrificing taste or consumers preparing a good old-fashioned barbecue menu for the holiday, plenty of food and beverage trends are already in the works for the summer.


Unusual Dishes

Using items that are traditionally less popular has never tasted so good, so many people are conjuring up unique recipes that use atypical ingredients. For example, a lot of menus this summer will include less-common meats like beef tongue, pork steak, and tri-tip, as opposed to St. Louis-style ribs and premium beef steaks. 

People are creating dishes using less popular types of fish, too, such as monkfish and cobia. Grill them up with wild mushrooms, Thai peppers and basil, or smoked apple bacon, and you’ve got a trendy 4th of July meal for 2022.

Tea Time to Celebrate

Restaurateurs, food halls, chefs, and ordinary folks celebrating the holiday will see plenty of teas being used not just for drinking but also for various cooking applications. 

Including tea in everything from cocktails and desserts to poaching fish is a way to introduce flavor without weighing down the food. Cardamom milk tea is great when used in cheesecake, by the way.

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Global Flavors Galore

There will be a big influence of new global flavors making a mark on this year’s Independence Day menus. From Korean ingredients and Nigerian dishes to Ethiopian spice blends like mitmita, some excellent (and much-appreciated) new flavors are taking hold.

Flavors like gochujang and doenjang from Korea will be showing up, and so will ingredients from Ghana, Senegal, and other African countries. Look for them to be added to pizza, candied popcorn, flatbreads, burgers, and other tasty foods.


Sweet Hibiscus Everything

If you have a hunch that you’ve been reading about hibiscus a lot lately, you’re probably on the right track. The edible flower is in the midst of being discovered as a delicious, versatile addition to many foods and drinks this summer.

It’s being used in everything from desserts to cocktails — especially those with mezcal or tequila with lime. It blends beautifully and can add an intriguing hot pink, slightly tart flair to dishes and drinks.

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Savory Plant-Based Twists on the Classics

The market is slowly shifting to include more plant-based items for people who are shifting their palate to these foods for the benefit of their health or the benefit of the planet. Therefore, it makes sense that chefs in all types of restaurants (and at home) are integrating more plant-based items into their menus.

Chefs are coming up with creative ways to make food delicious and healthy without confining vegan and vegetarian consumers to kale and quinoa bowls. On 4th of July menus this year, look for everything from plant-based cheeses and bacon to vegan burgers and more

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