Each year, StarChefs holds their annual International Chefs Congress (ICC) in New York. ICC is a three-day, industry-only symposium featuring Main Stage Cooking Demonstrations; Hands-on Savory, Pastry, and Bartender Workshops; Wine Tasting Seminars; and Business Panels. It also features a trade show with top-of-class equipment and product sponsors, three competitions, pop-up restaurants, and food carts. Attendees leave with fresh ideas, a wealth of new contacts, and a reminder of why they love doing what they do.

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This year's theme: Cook Your Culture: the techniques, knowledge, and flavors that define you. Below you will find a collection of articles around different trends and topics explored at the 2017 ICC:

The Top 7 Trends at the 2017 StarChefs International Chef Congress

At the 2017 StarChefs International Chef Congress (ICC), held Oct. 22 to 24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the focus of the three-day event was a word with an indefinite number of meanings: culture.

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Talking Food Culture and Creativity at the Symrise-Starchefs ICC 2017 RoundTable

Between the six chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders at Symrise's private roundtable discussion about innovation and creativity in the food world, the men had more than 100 years of combined experience and expertise.

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Emerging Trends: The Artisanal Donut Obsession

At the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago, donuts weren't just one of the countless snacks offered to those in attendance-they were billed as "The Hit Food of the Century of Progress." Popularized in the United States during World War I when nurses would pass out sticky, honeyed doughnuts to servicemen, the classic breakfast treat would see its popularity and potential grow and grow with every new decade.

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Authentic Filipino Food Trend at the 2017 StarChefs ICC

America is always searching for the new "it" cuisine to fall in love with, and at the 2017 International StarChefs Congress themed "Cook Your Culture," some of the country's best chefs were demonstrating the food they grew up eating that has now become trendy.

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Chef Brett Sawyer on Cleveland's Emerging Food Scene

All Brett Sawyer wants for people to do is give Cleveland's food scene a chance. As the chef of the year-and-a-half-old Plum Kitchen & Cafe in the old neighborhood of Ohio City, Sawyer has been figuring out what it takes to operate a restaurant that he says "doesn't fit into any categories" in the one of the fastest-growing food scenes in the Midwest.

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The Endless Possibilities for Bread at the 2017 StarChefs ICC

Fusion cooking - the combination of different ethnic cuisines' recipes, ingredients and techniques - often gets a bad rap in the food world. What Modernist Bread co-author Francisco Migoya does with carbs could definitely be considered fusion, considering he makes hybrid creations like Chinese bao made of American pumpernickel bread, stuffed with the components of a Reuben sandwich.

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Nostalgic Desserts Trending at the 2017 StarChefs ICC

Dessert is going where it has never before been: Doughnuts are now gourmet, refined sugar is no longer the go-to sweetener, and halva crumbles and tahini can be sundae toppings.

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Sugar Trends in Chocolate Making at the 2017 StarChefs ICC

Valrhona, one of the world's leading producers of chocolate, has been operating out of the small village of Tain L'Hermitage, France, since 1922. Because of its quality chocolate and the company's commitment to sustainably, the company has been a favorite of pastry chefs for decades.

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Straws are Out at the 2017 StarChefs ICC

At the 2017 StarChefs Congress in New York City, StarChefs CEO and editor-in-chief Antoinette Bruno pleaded to every attendee that if they leave the three-day conference with just one resolution, let it be to stop using one ubiquitous item: plastic straws.

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A Sommeliers Wine Tips from the 2017 StarChefs ICC

Wine is no longer a drink reserved for fancy evenings and filet mignon dinners. In 2017, wine is fun, casual and cool. And, at this year's 2017 StarChefs International Chef Congress (ICC) in NYC, eleven sommeliers from around the country participated in the 8th Annual Somm Slam, in which they went head-to-head with their best food and drink pairings.

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