TikTok may be best known for silly dances, cat diaries, thirst traps, and questionable social trends (read: Tide Pod challenge), but there’s actually some valuable stuff on this addictive video app. For example, you can learn how to apply eyebrow stencils (not exactly difficult, but you definitely don’t want to get it wrong).

TikTok is also rife with new meal ideas that are often easy to recreate or expand for food innovation. Just look at the incredibly simple Baked Feta recipe that went viral in 2021 or the smashed veggie trend that probably made more than a few diners sample Brussels sprouts for the first time in years (or ever). If you’re looking to try some new dessert trends that won’t overtax your cerebrum, here are a few that will definitely appeal to your sweet tooth.


If you feel like you’ve been there and done that with popular TikTok desserts like cloud bread and cake pops, it’s time to get experimental with this tasty, fried confection that begs for innovative flavors and toppings. The batter requires just a handful of ingredients, and when ready, you simply plop it in a plastic baggie, cut the corner, and squeeze tubes of dough into simmering oil.

Roll crispy fried churros in classic sugar and cinnamon, or get crazy with powdered Jell-O, crushed Oreos, or other toppings, as well as dips like chocolate sauce, marshmallow whip, or lemon curd. The sky's the limit!

Sweet Tortilla Folds

Savory tortilla folds featuring brekkie goods (eggs, bacon, hash browns) or lunch items (lunch meat, cheese, greens, and condiments) have been all the rage for the better part of a year. Now you can get sweet on your tortillas with fresh fruit, jams/jellies, melted chocolate, whipped cream, nut butters, or classic combos like s’mores or Nutella crepes. (P.S. you can also use crepes instead of tortillas.)

Just cut from the edge to the center on one side, fill four quadrants with ingredients of your choosing, then fold the bottom left quadrant up, then right, then down to create a sweet, wedge-shaped sammie. Toast your tortilla on a griddle for added appeal.

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Nice Cream

The struggle to find outstanding desserts is real for those facing lactose sensitivity or intolerance. Enter the nice cream TikTok trend, featuring a vegan version of ice cream created from a banana base. How is it made? Simple.

Drop frozen banana chunks in your food processor. Blitz until creamy, adding small amounts of plant or nut milk (oat, almond, soy, etc.) as needed. You can spice it up in endless ways by adding other fresh or frozen fruit, chocolate, nut butters, or even floral ingredients like food-grade lavender or hibiscus or herbs like basil or lemongrass.

Nostalgic Treats

Okay, TBH, making your own Twinkies or Hostess Snack Cakes at home isn’t exactly easy. But if you’ve had trouble finding them on store shelves as the shortages of the pandemic affect foodstuffs across the board, you might be willing to try anything to get your fave sugar fix. If you want to get weird with it, you can even find diet-friendly options (like keto Twinkies… to each his own).

Dessert Dips

Are you tired of ho-hum hot fudge and homemade whipped cream? You’ll be glad to find TikTok instructive in the arena of decadent dessert dips. With delightful options ranging from Oreo and s’mores to birthday cake (Funfetti) dip, you’re sure to find a sweet concoction that dazzles your taste buds. Serve these dips as a topping for cookies, cakes, fruit, and pretty much anything you can dunk.

All it takes is a few ingredients to get started. Birthday cake dip is made from whipped topping, cream cheese (or yogurt), cake mix, and sprinkles. Booty dip is little more than whipped topping, marshmallow fluff, cream cheese, sugar, and chocolate chips.

Oreo dip (featuring cream cheese, powdered sugar, whipped topping, and crushed Oreos) is great for cookies ‘n’ cream enthusiasts. And with the simple swirl of the spatula, you’ll be ready to get dipping.

Forget about finicky flans and soufflés. Consumers are expanding their dessert game without a lot of fuss and bother (or hard-to-find ingredients), with all of many sweet recipes that are currently trending on TikTok.

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