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A hue pulled from a range of trusted blues combined with violet-red undertones-Veri Peri is the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year.

Because of the “transformative times we are living in,” Pantone broke a 22-year tradition and created this brand new color instead of pulling from its library of 15,000!

A calming vibe in a chaotic time, boosts creativity, inspires a sense of joy and confidence are just some of the descriptors that Veri Peri has received.  Let’s explore more about the color that has set off a little excitement in the trend world. 

Color Aesthetics & Fashion

Blue has the reputation as one of the most preferred colors of many.  Blue shades have qualities of security, peacefulness and promote relaxation both mentally and physically.  Add vibrant violet undertones, which exude excitement, motivation, and courageousness, and we have a very balanced color.

With many years behind me researching fashion, food, home, and health & wellness trends, the one great thing I see in Veri Peri is its versatility.  It can be used in every consumer category and easily flows from season to season.   I appreciate that the color can shift from a blue hue to a warm violet and the variances in-between.  The subtle shifts lend to Veri Peri standing on its own and can also be a lift in color when paired with a neutral or pastel palette.

Look Back: 2020 Classic Blue Food Trends

Recent runways have already shown versions of Veri Peri, and the results are stunning.  Will consumers wear it from head to toe?  I certainly hope to see it that way as a statement.  Veri Peri will work well in dress shirting fabrics, silk, and fabrics with shine.  The uplifting shade is perfect for activewear, lingerie, and gorgeous if used in downy sweater qualities.

Food & Beverage

Because of the range of hues in Veri Peri, we could take the opportunity to celebrate all of the blue, purple, and violet-red natural foods.  2022 is a great year to focus on the healthiest fruits and vegetables of them all!  Rich in antioxidants that help fight off many ailments, mainly cancer, and high in flavonoids to control blood pressure.   Blackcurrants contain anthocyanins that deplete bad cholesterol and trigger good cholesterol.  The liver also loves these rich-colored foods, especially anthocyanin-rich blueberries.  As a nod to Veri Peri, Chefs can create unique and beautiful health-driven recipes using these fruits and vegetables.

Look Back: 2016 Color Trends

I wrote about Butterfly Pea Flower several years ago and have seen it gain ground in teas and alcoholic beverages.  I recently stayed at a beautiful hotel where guests could hire a private chef to prepare brunch.  The chef added it to smoothies to enhance the nutritional benefits but was unaware of its magic.  The color of Butterfly Pea Flower changes when its PH balance changes.   If you add lemon juice, it deepens the violet color.  It makes for a stunning cocktail or tea!

The Kitchen

If you did not know, pop-color and odd color kitchen cabinets are having a moment—everything from bright yellows, reds, and greens to soft pastels.  Hues of Veri Peri in cabinetry have already shown up in magazines, and home trend reports.  As the color is pretty flexible and pairs well with neutrals, Veri Peri works as a permanent fixture color in the home.  If you’re not interested in that type of bold commitment, you can customize your refrigerator color via Samsung.  Samsung offers their 23-cubit foot Smart BESPOKE refrigerator in a limited edition Winter Design that happens to be a little Veri Peri like.  Still a big commitment?  You could add a set of coupe glasses in either a violet or blue color from West Elm that will address this gorgeous color trend all year long.

As we are just beginning 2022, I think we will see a lot more of Veri Peri incorporated in our lifestyles, products, and decor—hopefully bringing those calm and courageous vibes into our homes!

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