More than ever, young people are gravitating toward experiences and products that celebrate both craftsmanship and connection while still providing exceptional value. Choosing brands that align with these values cultivates a sense of belonging in an ever-changing world, a feeling that Gen Z and millennials alike can't get enough of. 


As one of Symrise's Global TrendScope Trend Report sub-trends of 2022, premium indulgence is a nuanced way of living that is here to stay — and there are endless goods that are successfully tapping into this consumer preference.


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Conscious Hedonism

Though the word "hedonism" has often been accompanied by negative, even selfish implications, it's being redefined more and more each day in a global market that craves affordable luxury. Giving consumers opportunities to embrace savoir-faire on a regular basis by offering products made with transparent outsourcing practices and in line with a conscious lifestyle is key to success in a competitive marketplace.

  • Mission-driven sweets like Happi Oat Milk Milk Chocolate, a 100% slave-free and ethically sourced chocolate bar, or the Australian-born dark chocolate KitKat in flavors like Tasmanian Mint and Southern Australian Orange both offer a rich after-dinner experience consumers can feel great about enjoying.

  • Quality over quantity is a growing desire as the feeling of needing "more" wanes for today's generations. Solo Coffee's cold brew concentrate out of the UK encourages buyers to pass over watery iced coffee and that second cup in favor of its deep flavor and versatility, while Berlin's The Bottle Bar focuses on premade cocktails with classy ingredients and flavors like oolong and Meyer lemon to savor one by one.

  • Elevated essentials can easily bring a conscious hedonism to the kitchen through products like Oriss & Son's small-batch, chef-produced chili condiments with fun names and several vegan, gluten-free flavors, and premium plant-based meats by Abbot's Butcher — including smoked chorizo and chopped chicken varieties.

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Immersive Experiences

Captivating social moments can be cultivated in and out of the home with products that offer taste and texture innovations, especially as more and more people begin to explore and consequently prefer conceptual dining. 

  • Indulge the senses on special occasions with Lubs Chocolate Truffles, delectable cocoa nuggets with a creamy, fruity filling and a light snap coating of white or dark chocolate, and finished with flaky, tangy bits of mango or cherry. Misaky Tokyo Crystal Treats are for the slightly more adventurous dessert fans, offering handmade seaweed treats in flavors from around the world in each crispy yet chewy piece.

  • Reborn and innovative beverages like Rise's Nitro Earl Grey London Fog are taking the experience of enjoying a morning beverage to a whole different level and will delight both tea and coffee drinkers alike. 

  • The magic of eating out has never been more attractive than now after years of isolation. Consumers can bring magic into their own homes as they host friends with a product like Momofuku Chili Crunch, a punchy, restaurant-grade seasoning option in renowned chef David Chang's new line, or recommend the seasonal black truffle burger at Shake Shack in Hong Kong for a new experience at an old favorite.


The desire to indulge guilt-free is not just on the rise: it's here to stay.  After several challenging years of deprivation and stringency, it's what consumers need in 2022 to feel connected to, conscious of, and collaborative with the needs of the earth — and themselves. 


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