2022 holiday food trends were more celebratory than ever!  Sharing and socializing was the theme for the past holiday festivities - Read on, and you'll see why.


Boards and Tables

When I wrote about food boards three years ago, I was sure we would see them around for a long time.  This year, the charcuterie board has skyrocketed with over 1.2 billion views!  Via Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram, you can find many versions to suit your event.

Have you heard of the Butter Board yet?   Butter boards are this year's big board trend.  With over 400 million views, this food board trend lines up with Paleo and Keto fans and, let's face it, with almost anyone who loves butter.  The essential components of the board are butter, herbs and spices, and anything else you want to add.  Holiday butter boards might be sweet with brown sugar, cinnamon, and maple syrup.  The savory holiday boards could feature pomegranate seeds, oregano, and fresh thyme.  

Other big board trend contenders are buttercream, dulce de leche, hummus, and burrata boards. 


Highly Tik Toked and Instagrammed is the Nacho Table.  An eating event of great magnitude.  Aluminum foil-covered dining tables heaping with an all-out nacho display.  Chips smothered in melted cheese, beans, meat, and a variety of well-loved nacho toppings provide times of celebratory feasting!  A fun idea for big holiday gatherings and a sure bet for Super Bowl parties.  Spin-offs of the Nacho Table include The Taco Table and Charcuterie Tables.  Aptly termed "Grazing Tables," this will be an anything-goes food trend into 2023! 


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Non-board holidays

Not interested in eating off a board?  This season there are gorgeous food displays that still bring smiles and social eating joy.  The Pancake Christmas Tree has layers of fruit between each pancake and is topped with a generous amount of maple syrup.  The Nutella Christmas Tree has been around and is still a social media fave.  Nutella sandwiched between sheets of tree-shaped Philo dough.  Individual branches twisted, baked, and dusted with powdered sugar, is an old-school pull-apart deliciousness for a crowd.


Holiday Libations

The Grinch cocktail is climbing the likes chart this Christmas. Yes, it's a bright green, thanks to the Midori.  Combined with sparkling wine, vodka, and pineapple juice, it possesses that festive flair and is not the least bit grinch-like grouchy. Flavored liquors are huge this season!  Pinnacle's Whipped Vodka, Baileys Tiramisu Liqueur, and Misunderstood's Ginger Spiced whiskey are just a few notables.   Holiday spirits are perfect for the adult hot chocolate bar theme.   Hosts provide the hot chocolate and the flavored liquors and ask partygoers to bring a dozen cookies.  Liquor-spiked hot chocolate with cookies!  Yum!


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Wrapping this year up

Will there be pasta on the tables across America this holiday season? Google released its 2022 Year in Search Data, and Sugo was the number one most searched recipe.  This Italian tomato sauce is usually made with tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, and red wine. We knew 2022 would be a year full of cultural food trends, and some of the top food gifts this year are sauce and spice themed.  Asian sauces for Sichuan, Mexican salsa gift sets, and Middle Eastern spice collections are just some of the many options. 

Regardless of the season, it's obvious we will see many of these festive trends move into 2023.   Wonderfully, we continue to want to gather and socialize around fun and festive food and drinks.


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