Possessing over $200 million in buying power, millennials make up the largest consumer group in the United States. Meet Beau, Sasha, and Evan – they represent the 3 millennial archetypes which their +80 million member generation is comprised.

Symrise has conducted extensive research into the millennial consumer market to deliver key findings for millennial targeted food and beverage branding.

MILLENNIAL PERSONAS: America’s largest consumer group is divided into 3 age-based archetypes distinguished by shared traits, values, and challenges.

The Young Millennial (21 to 26 years old): Alike the 4.7 million others of his type, Beau represents the most digitally focused group of millennials (53% would rather sacrifice their sense of smell then their smart phone). When it comes to food and beverage, Beau prefers functional products that implement viral worthy elements and single-serve products in eco-friendly packaging designs.

The Middle Millennial (27 to 31 years old): Sasha represents the group of young ambitious professionals who believe they can have everything they want in life if they work hard enough. Sasha is health focused but willing to indulge in floral-infused desserts, especially when it comes to ice creams and sorbets.

The Elder Millennial (32 to 37 years old): The eldest archetype of the millennial generation is represented by Evan who is striving for career satisfaction and starting a family. Elder Millennials accounted for 80% of the annual birth rate between 2014 and 2015 so as new or expecting parents; Evan’s persona is dedicated to health and sustainability in food and beverage choices for himself and his family.




To learn more about the millennial consumer group and how Symrise can help you food and beverage brands in targeting this generation, contact us here!

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