Recently, we published a four part series here on in-sight titled Global Trends and Emerging Flavors (View HERE). In this series we covered established and emerging flavors in four categories including confectionery, dairy, non-alcoholic beverage, and alcoholic beverage around the globe.

As a follow up to this series on in-sight, we have decided to focus on alcoholic beverage in North America. Through the next 7 posts, we will take you through some of the hottest flavor trends in the alcoholic beverage category. Some you may know, some may be completely new, but either way, its a great way to step back and take a look at what's going on in alcoholic beverage world.

We'll be taking a look at trends in three different forms within alcoholic beverage: fusions, mixology, and experience. 

Today we're posting Trend #3: Fusions - Tea. Tea cocktails have come along way from Long Island Ice teas. One of the latest trends in cocktails is infusing authentic teas and tea flavors. A quick look at Technomic's MenuMonitor shows close to four hundred tea cocktails on menu's across the country for Q3 2014! One example is the "Summer Thyme" at Carmel Cafe & Wine Bar which includes green tea, vodka, cucumber, mint, a sprig of thyme, and a splash of lemon and lime.  There is also an array of sweet tea vodkas on the market now, helping to drive the popularity of tea fusions in cocktails. From green to black and matcha to oolong and beyond, tea is in.

Click HERE to view the hottest flavor trends in TEA fusions!


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