Over the last few years, the market for cannabis products has boomed, thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp and hemp products, as well as dozens of state laws legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. 

It may have been the onset of pandemic lockdowns that really pushed the industry forward, resulting in an incredible array of canned and bottled cannabis beverages.

With the consumer public clamoring for cannabis products, with or without psychoactive THC, plenty of food, beverage, and cannabis companies are throwing their hats in the ring. Here are some of the most interesting and popular concoctions currently on the market.

Keef Cola

Since launching way back in 2010, this Colorado-based beverage company has offered canna-boosted bevs, including takes on classic soft drinks like cola, root beer, and orange soda, as well as innovative seltzer flavors like blood orange, blackberry coconut, blueberry lemon, and more. 

This widespread brand can be found in AZ, CA, CO, ME, MO, OH, OK, and even Puerto Rico.

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Often cited among the best options in the cannabis beverage market, Wunder differentiates itself by offering drinks with fun flavors and different cannabinoids and dosing. 

The Sessions line delivers 2 mg Delta-9 THC, 2 mg Delta-8 THC, and 4 mg CBD, while the Higher Vibes line offers 10 mg Delta-9 THC and 10 mg Delta-8 THC. Flavors like Grapefruit Hibiscus, Blood Orange Bitters, Watermelon Basil, and Lemon Ginger appeal to adult palates.



This cannabis-infused sparkling water is vegan and free of gluten, sugar, sodium, carbs, and smoke. At just one calorie, it could be touted as Tab for millennials, and with flavors like Lemon Lime, Watermelon, Orange Cream, and Pamplemousse, there’s a palate pleaser for everyone.



ALT offers an interesting option for anyone looking to mix their own canna cocktails. These vials of sugarless, zero-calorie liquid infused with 5 mg or 10 mg of THC can be added to a beverage of choice, putting the power of creation in the hands of every home mixologist.


Beer/Wine Inspired Bevs

Sodas and seltzers are great, but some consumers like the taste of beer or wine when they’re sipping in their downtime. Plenty of beverage companies took up the banner to support this segment of the market.

Both Pabst and Lagunitas have expanded beyond their normal offerings to deliver cannabis options, with PBR offering a low-cal seltzer with 10 mg THC, while Lagunitas launched its Hi-Fi line of IPA-inspired bevs.

When it’s wine o’clock, House of Saka offers THC-infused sippers that mimic a mimosa, a rosé, and a white wine, while Viv & Oak serves up five options for reds or rosés featuring either a low-dose combination of CBD and THC, or more THC.

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Cannabis Cocktails

It’s not easy to find canned drinks that mix alcohol and cannabis, perhaps because the punch they pack is too difficult to calculate or because it’s generally not legal. However, just as companies are offering “dry” drinks inspired by beer and wine, some canna cocktails mimic their boozy counterparts.

Flyers Cocktail Co. leads the pack here, with full-spectrum products from hemp cannabis (featuring less than 0.3% THC) that offer a spritzy spin on classic cocktails. Popular offerings include the BKLN Gold Highball, the Tokyo Marg, and the Sydney Spritz Highball, available for shipping by the six-pack to CT, NY, NJ, PA, RI, and VT.

In short, there’s a wide range of cannabis beverages hitting the market and helping social drinkers get through dry January, dry July, or any time of the year. With plenty of consumers looking to veer away from calorie-dense cocktails and the downsides of liquor, the cannabis beverage marketplace isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.


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