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Good Libations

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Do You Remember the Original Orange Julius Drinks?

Orange Julius was once one of the most recognizable drinks in America. It could be found in most food courts or at stand-alone kiosks at malls (which…
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Hot drinks to enjoy on chilly Ramadan nights

Rain, wind, snow and cold. Even though it is March, the weather is still cold in most of Türkiye, which can make the nights a little melancholic. Yet,…
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Feeling Tired All The Time? These 5 Drinks May Help

When we feel tired, many of us turn to drinks like coffee or tea to give ourselves a boost. While we may feel energised after consuming them, the…
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The Tradition of Drinking Sake in The Winter

When strolling down the street during winter in a Japanese town, you’ll  notice green, fuzzy globes suspended outside doors.  Made of cedar branch…
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Good Libations

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Want Healthy Skin? Have One Of These 3 Nutritionist-Approved Drinks Regularly

Many of us dream of having healthy, glowing skin. To realize this dream, we follow elaborate skincare routines. We also pay special attention to our…
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Good Libations

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How much water should you drink per day?

Water is essential to life — and your health. So know how to stay hydrated. You already know you can’t survive without it. But how much water should…
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The 500-year history of how sorrel migrated from West Africa to become the original 'Red Drink'

When enslaved Africans were captured and traded across the Atlantic Ocean 500 years ago, they brought something their captors couldn't take away from…
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Good Libations

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Three drinks that can help you fall asleep and boost sleep quality

It is thought that a third of all adults in the UK will suffer with some kind of sleeping issue at least once in their lives. Sometimes it’s not…
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Do mocktails really help you drink less alcohol?

Mocktails and other nonalcoholic drinks are surging in popularity in the United States. But can alcohol-free beer, zero-proof wine and faux cocktails…
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What are the lowest-calorie alcoholic drinks?

Whether you’re moderating your alcohol consumption for a damp January or you’re looking to start the new year with a fitness drive, not all alcohol is…
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