Symrise is excited to announce Code of Nature, a series of taste solution platforms that amplify and unlock the real tastes of nature while meeting consumer demand for foods that are minimally processed, fresh, and flavorful. Meet Code of Nature, the only solution for real food delivered closest to its natural state.

Consumers' Changing Preferences

Consumer tastes have been changing, as people across the globe discover a hunger for foods and beverages that are closest to their natural state. More than ever, consumers are thinking critically about the food chain. What is in the food they eat, how was it grown, and how did that impact the planet? Consumers want answers to these questions - and insist upon food solutions that promise health for the mind, body, soul, and planet.

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Through trends like the Paleo diet, people have been looking back at human history and realizing how far values have strayed from human origins. More and more consumers are concerned about factory farming, pesticides and chemicals, and mass-farmed meat and produce. Millennials shun foods that are perceived to include chemicals, been grown in toxic soil, or nourished with polluted water.

This loss of trust is rippling across all levels of the food industry, resulting in an increased demand for high-quality, real food that retains its flavor – tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, or chicken that's moist, flavorful, and fresh.

The Challenge for Brands

Many companies are not positioned to meet consumers' changing demands. Consumers want exciting and unique sensory experiences that are, on some level, familiar or evocative of simpler times. They want garden fresh tomatoes that taste like a hot July day and remind them of summers spent on a grandparent's farm. They want assurance that food has been minimally processed, contain natural ingredients, and will be good for them. They want to buy food and beverage products with clean labels that don’t feature ingredients that are objectionable or chemical-sounding.

Code of Nature, the Symrise Solution

To meet the massive consumer demand for nutritious, wholesome foods with clean labels, Symrise has developed Code of Nature, which curates the best that nature has to offer in high-performance taste solutions for the food and beverage industry. All Code of Nature’s taste solutions are minimally processed, carefully sourced and designed to amplify the natural benefits and flavors of food. They are inherently clean label, so they will resonate with consumers.

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In order to deliver the real tastes of nature both sustainably and economically, Code of Nature was designed using both a scientific approach and an ethical understanding of the moral code. Code of Nature taste solutions are made with the best raw materials that are sourced with respect for farmers and the environment, minimally processed and honestly presented. When food is grown with respect for the earth and made with integrity and honesty, it lives up to consumer expectations and preferences, and it tastes incredible. Code of Nature addresses what consumers want, what regulators want, and what we at Symrise want too.

Our teams strive for perfection in every bite. To us, that means the ultimate, authentic taste of food delivered as close to nature as possible. We source only 100 percent of the best natural ingredients from real people we know and trust. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, going far beyond what any competitor is doing to stay true to our guiding values. Our scientists apply nature's codes at the molecular level to unlock and amplify food the way it should taste, the way nature intended. Finally, we support value-added claims for consumers, communicate honestly, and stand behind our products fully.

Our natural solutions are led by technology and science and guided by the taste experience. If it doesn't taste amazing, we haven't done our job. Throughout, we collaborate with passionate farmers, growers, food scientists, and others who care deeply about respecting our food, our bodies, and our planet. We strive for excellence in what we do and we're transparent in how we do it, for your peace of mind and your customers' trust and value.

Learn more about Code of Nature and experience the Symrise difference for yourself. For more information about Code of Nature, contact Symrise.

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