We are excited to share this podcast episode from Flavors Unknown by our very own VP of marketing, Emmanuel Laroche. We believe this episdoe deserves our collective attention, given its powerful narrative and social impact! 


Episode Feature: Chef Mike Carter at Down North Pizza in Philadelphia.

In this episode, we explore the inspiring journey of Chef Mike Carter, the executive chef at Down North Pizza—a place that's much more than a pizzeria. It's a beacon of hope in North Philadelphia. Chef Carter, who turned his life around after years of incarceration, uses his culinary skills to fight recidivism and provide opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals.


Why Listen?

Empowering Narrative: Discover Chef Carter's transformation from a prison cook to a culinary innovator and how he uses his story to inspire and lead others.

  • Social Impact: Learn about the mission of Down North Pizza to provide employment and a supportive community to those who have been in the prison system, breaking cycles of recidivism.
  • Culinary Innovation: Enjoy the creative process behind their unique pizzas like "Break You Off" and "Roc The Mic," which blend cultural influences and culinary excellence.
  • Leadership and Change: Gain insights into how culinary arts can serve as a platform for social change and community building.

Chef Carter's story is a profound reminder of resilience, redemption, and the impact of second chances.


Here is the link to listen: https://flavorsunknown.com/from-jail-to-chef-at-down-north-pizza/

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