Street food has long been popular all over the globe. Recently, we've seen an upswing in interest and popularity of street food driven by millennials in the United States. In this post we are exploring the different trends of street food found in the U.S. in the form of an infographic. We are continually following trends in street food from the Vendy Awards in NYC to street food treks on the west coast. 

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The rise of street food and food truck culture has exploded in the last 12-36 months. There are more food trucks in Los Angeles and New York than ever before and their population continues to grow in other parts of the country. Markets not often thought of to be street food havens have suddenly sprung to life. Places like Boston, MA and St. Louis, MO have seen their food truck population grow 10 times over since 2010!

Get inspired by our Street Food Inspirations Infographic below:




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