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Have you seen a lot of CBD products at your local grocery store lately? Imagine a preservative-free, 78% Cacao Bar that contains 80mg of the mind-calming hemp oil without the THC (non-psychoactive). Well, they exist – LuLu’s Chocolate which has a range of organic, lab tested, CBD products. This trend does not start or stop with chocolate, gummy bears, and the actual oil tinctures, there are so many product companies that have jumped on the CBD bandwagon.

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Before I get into some of the newest CBD products, here is a little CBD information worth learning.

CBD, is mainly extracted from hemp or cannabis sativa, has minimal THC. CBD will not get you high but is relaxing and is scientifically proven to help with quite a few mental and physical ailments.

“According to cannabis industry analysts The Brightfield Group, the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022.”- Rolling Stone

CBD tinctures (drops taken by the mouth) can have some instant effects, like feeling relaxed- but if someone is looking to address more complex issues, some suppliers recommend starting with dosage to take for 30 days straight. Often with alternative medicines, it can take three months or so to see the benefits. If you’re going to invest in the good stuff, be prepared to commit. Reputable companies will provide guided instructions on how to use their products.

There have been a lot of issues with the mislabeling of CBD products on the shelves. Consumers may sometimes purchase products that have as much as 50% less CBD than indicated on labels. Currently, there are no US Food and Drug regulations on CBD products. Researching prior to purchasing is definitely recommended.

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How does CBD spring water sound? Molson-Coors Canada will launch Flow Glow in two flavors; Goji & Grapefruit and Raspberry & Lemon. They will both contain 10mg of CBD per 33cl bottle. The CBD alkaline spring water will launch in Canada this month!

“Easy Times IPA” and “Lowdown Lager” are two offerings from Hop & Hemp Brewing Co. Recently launched in the UK with a 0.5% ABV, their CBD brews can “take the edge off” without a hangover. The beers contain 8mg CBD per 330ml serving.

Of course, we need the cannabidiol cold brew! Mary Joe’s organic coffee brew provides 15mg hemp extract in a 7fl oz serving.


Products with the highest increase in 2019 Google searches were CBD skincare. This year the beauty industry has flooded stores with CBD oils, moisturizers, masks, lotions, and while standing in line at the grocery store-I spotted bath salts.

If you’re a lover of CBD and luxury, Lord Jones’s CBD products are for you. Their CBD gum drops have been featured on almost every fashion and lifestyle magazine gifts list over the last few years. Even if you don’t want any CBD, their gorgeous packaging of the gumdrops makes a purchase super tempting. Lately, you will see their High CBD Formula Body Lotion featured as a must-have. Beneficial for reducing inflammation –and you can purchase it at your local SoulCycle.

Along with inflammation, CBD has been shown to help with acne, fine lines, and decrease redness-making CBD a perfect ingredient for skincare.


As I mentioned, chocolate and CBD are a nice combo. Most of us know about gummies. You can also add some hemp honey to your tea for calming effects.

Membership based snack food company, Nature Box is all about “Better snacks, Less stress” as they provide a variety of munchies without artificial ingredients. Their CBD category includes truffles, Pineapple, Watermelon and Berry Fruit Chews, Coco Calm Bites, and Lemon + Aid Cookies.

I have also seen some CBD cereals and chips come and go, but as CBD is already making the list of the top trends for 2020, I believe we will see some innovative products launched in the next few years.

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