Never before have I seen such an influx of unique packaging + flavor + health and wellness-focused food and drink as I do now. From modern adult-ish cereals to a slew of new herbal and botanical flavors! Some areas of our local supermarket are starting to look creative, from the packaging to the artisanal list of unknown healthy ingredients combined and crafted in unexpected ways. Here are a few new foods and drinks you might be trying soon.


Lately, I have noticed an influx of new higher-priced cereals on the supermarket shelves.  Some of the packaging looks so design-friendly that it would make some feel proud to leave the boxes on the kitchen counter.  Most use Teff, Buckwheat, Cassava, Sorghum, and Tiger Nut flours. Beans are also being used as the protein source in cereals more and more.

These new modern cereals appeal to grain-free fans, Keto dieters, protein purists, and consumers who want to enjoy a healthy cereal. The prices per box start at 6.99 and go as high as 12.99! Even though many of these new cereals are marketed as healthier alternatives to children's cereal, these new varieties definitely have a more adult appeal.

Lovebird Cereals is a Cassava Root based, beautifully boxed cereal that falls into this modern cereal category.  Four flavors, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Unsweetened, and Honey, are all packaged in earth-toned color palettes with the minimal ingredients listed on the front of the box. The company is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and proud to provide a cereal that can be a part of the anti-inflammatory AIP diet.


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A fan of the high protein, minimal ingredient RXBAR? The company now has a "real ingredients that people recognize" cereal line that follows in line with their simple ingredient protein bars. They released two yummy options, Chocolate Almond and Vanilla Almond, in July 2021.


Bold and wildly colored graphics on Magic Spoons packaging of cereal that has been described as "the adult version of your favorite cereals as a kid." We are talking flavors like Cinnamon Roll, S'mores, Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Frosted, and Fruity!  Magic Spoon cereals are grain-free, have 12-14 grams of protein, no sugar, nothing artificial, and a big fan following.


Want to poop like a champion? Of course, you do! You can start with Fiber Champion Brands, Poop Like a Champion cereal.  The company's "Ultimate Fiber Cereal" gluten-free blend of soluble and insoluble fiber is the foundation of their highly rated flavors.  The company gives a humorous spin on a not-so-fun thing to talk about

The cereal category has boomed over the last two years and falls in line with all the new health trends.


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Exotic and Citrus Fruit Flavors

Most likely, you have noticed that more exotic fruits are available in your local supermarket produce section.  I have seen a few lately: jackfruit, passionfruit, rambutan, dragon fruit, lychee, and sugar apple.


Whether you have ventured out of your regular apple and orange cycle to try more exotic fruits, you might be trying these exotic fruit flavors in kombucha, hard seltzer, sparkling water selections, and even coffee drinks! 

The citrus yuzu is a star ingredient at the moment, described as having a taste similar to grapefruit.  Sanzo sparkling water offers a yuzu flavor and three other exotic flavors: mango, lychee, and calamansi-the "Golden Lime" from the Philippines.

Another drink I have to mention is the Slingshot Coffees Citrus Vanilla Cream Soda, a coffee soda that will remind you of the nostalgic orange creamsicle. Fruit flavors are definitely having a moment right now!


CBD is still Huge

I have been blogging about CBD for several years now and am amazed at its impact on our everyday product choices. There are entire end caps devoted to CBD food products at a few supermarkets I shop at.  The hemp-based CBD line Willie's Remedy, created by Willie Nelson and his wife Annie, has a host of CBD products. Their herbal CBD teas are offered in the standard peppermint, black, green, hibiscus, and chamomile varieties but with the calming effects of organically grown hemp.  

Other new CBD-infused products include sparkling waters, nuts, artisanal chocolates, and coffees.  Dram sparkling waters are beautifully packaged with 25mgs of hemp and exciting flavors like lemongrass, holy basil +lemon, and ginger cinnamon. Dram also has an apoptogenic skin and hair care CBD-infused sparkling water called Beauty Bubbles that gets rave reviews.


New Herbals and Botanicals

The infusion of highly healthy and unique herbals and botanicals is the newest of the new.  Rishi Tea brand has just released a line of herbal and botanical-infused sparkling waters free of sugars, preservatives, and "essences" -their motto is REAL PLANTS*REAL VIRTUE.  As the beverage market is saturated with fruit flavors, some with added ingredients, I look for even purer forms to appear in the future. 

Rishi uses Schisandra Berry, a "forest-grown adaptogen elixir, five-flavor berry, that grows like grapes on a vine." Schisandra has cranberry, citrus, and rose notes, which makes it almost a perfect balance of bitter, sour and sweet. The herb is a mood booster and is also used to detox.


Other new and noteworthy herbal and botanicals we will see are:


Lemon -Balm

Red Clover



The newness in food and drink is nothing but exciting.  An overwhelming amount of new flavor combinations and beautiful packaging inspire happier purchasing and could make a weekly grocery store visit a little more exciting.


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