Millennials, born between the early 1980’s and late 1990’s are influencing many aspects of life in the United States. In fact, there are currently 80 million millennials in the U.S. They are diverse, tech savvy, and crave instantaneous gratification. They want the best, and they want it now. They are also more apt to try new things and explore new cultures. All of these characteristics are fueling the way they buy and consume products.

There’s no doubt that millennials have the power to drive the U.S. food and beverage market in their preferred direction. Their buying power and influence is substantial and many food and beverage makers have already began to cater to them.

One thing we've learned is that refreshment plays a large role in beverages for millennials.

Have a look at the articles below for a current snapshot of refreshment for millennials in the U.S.!

New Orleans bars and restaurants brewing up summer refreshment with beer cocktails

With the cocktail renaissance and the rise of craft beer, the two movements were bound to mix. Beer cocktails, beyond th...

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Iced tea: Simply refreshing

Iced tea is a simplicist. After all, it requires only two ingredients, one of which is fresh water. The other, tea, coul...

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Refreshment: What it Means to Millennials

The Symrise Refreshment Study encompasses the meaning of Refreshment in beverages  through the eyes of Millennials in the US.   This study provided detailed insight covering the physical, emotional and spiritual components of Refreshment as well as the physical drink attributes and ingredients that suggest whether a beverage is considered refreshing.   

This study covered a variety of beverage categories including CSD, Juice Drinks, RTD Tea, Flavored Water, Sports Drinks, Beer, Cider and Flavored Alcoholic Beverages.  200 Millennial consumers within each category segment were able to create their most ideal refreshing beverages leveraging the insight from our qualitative research.  Flavor types, the number of flavor combinations, carbonation and sweetness levels as well as color were obtained.  Symrise was then able to take these conceptual ideas and bring them to life as actual beverages.  With this all inclusive study, we are able to provide  our customers opportunities for creating their next refreshing beverage.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Refreshment Study!


Millennials are driving an $18 billion food revolution

18 billion. That's the market share lost by the top 25 U.S. food and beverage companies in the last five years. Fortune senior writer Beth Kowitt used that startling number to kick off a panel discussion on "The New Food Revolution" at the Most Powerful Women summit on Tuesday.

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12 Fun and Refreshing Beverages for Your Summer Days and Nights

Nothing is better on a hot, summer day than a cool and refreshing beverage. The problem, however, is that so many bevera...

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Chill out this summer with refreshing flavored soda syrups

Have you ever noticed how tough it is to sweeten your favorite iced beverage using regular granulated white sugar. And t...

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