So much has changed in the last few years, and it's been easy to stress-snack more than usual. Savvy and health-conscious consumers especially are paying closer attention to not just when they eat, but what they're reaching for — and these top snack trends of 2022 prove it. 


Crunch and Munch

Texture is everything, and getting creative with it is no longer only for the main course. Most everyone loves a handful of chips now and again, and for those who like several, opting for healthier versions is becoming more popular than ever. 

  • Vegetables take the win in both of late July's new tortilla chip offerings, in warm, classic combinations of carrot with cumin and red pepper with chipotle.

  • The power of cauliflower has been on the scene for some time, but Real Food From the Ground Up's chips made from this versatile cruciferous vegetable elevate even the simple snack game with buffalo and salt & vinegar flavors.

  • Germany's El Origin Plantain chips offer a uniquely hearty crunch and delicately sweet finish, with subtle dustings of sea salt and paprika to meet both sweet and savory snacking needs.


Sustained Energy

There are snacks that taste good, snacks that make you feel good to eat, and then there are snacks that do both — so why not make it easier for consumers to double down so they can make it through their busiest days?

  • The Savourists Bar from the UK is a one-of-a-kind option for savory snacking at the next level with combinations like black olive and dried tomato along with nori seaweed and ancient grains.

  • Nuts have been long revered for their snackability, and Daily Crunch respects that. Their Sprouted Nuts collection is created using a multi-step dehydration process that enhances their nutritional value and makes them easier to digest. Consumers with a sweet tooth will love the carob flavor, and those who enjoy an earthy profile will love the turmeric.

  • For those looking to get through an extra-long day, energy bars are an easy go-to. UK's VK Energy Bars with B12 provide a long-lasting, natural boost in both sweet and savory flavors like Meyer lemon & pistachio and almond & rosemary.

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Easy and Cheesy

While it may not be accurate to say cheese is everyone's favorite snack or flavor, let's face it — it's probably pretty close to the truth. 

  • The new Babybel Plus+ Probiotics and Vitamins snack cheese options make one of the most beloved go-tos even healthier and just as famously easy. 

  • For consumers who like strong, potent cheeses, Blue Heaven's Blue Cheese Powder is shelf stable and the perfect option to dust on, well, almost anything one might think of. 

  • Paddie's Cheesetastic Puffs from Austria are a cheese lover's dream: a chickpea flour shell; a creamy, cheesy center; and a whole lot of delicious. 

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People will always love their snacks and be constantly looking for fun, inventive snacks they can reach for at home or take with them on the go — without sacrificing their health. Though these top snack trends of 2022 include a lot of distinctive flavors, they all do one thing well overall: keeping it simple.


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