As the second half of the year gets underway, the top flavor trends of 2022 are continuing to thrive. Using food as a way to align with social causes and personal values has given consumers purpose during these years of isolation and recovery. They will continue to drive their choices as this year comes to a close. 



People want to connect with their food, and they want to do it on an intimate, local scale through both small businesses and the environment — especially when those choices are healthy for them.


In Season

Charcuterie boards with ingredients from artisanal shops that source from nearby farms and businesses are the new way to impress dates, friends, or family — and the possibilities are endless. Local, in-season veggies, unique preserves like gooseberry or black currant, and aged cheeses like gruyere or gouda are great foundations for memorable dinner parties and picnics. 


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Foods with inviting, inventive flavors that come from the earth — think ginger, butternut squash, and truffle — are the consumer flavor trends that will be on everyone's plates by the fall of 2022. People are craving soothing cups of tea as end caps to days that seem monotonous when working from home, and the Southwest Asian butterfly pea can bring a cozy, soothing feel to the nightcap habit.



Everyone is looking to reconnect this year, and they're doing it over beverages that make them feel warm and fuzzy, and also help them forget their external troubles over a good conversation. The latte is one of the most classic meet-up items consumers love to customize, and oat milk has taken over as the preferred non-dairy milk of choice in 2022 at coffee shops and in-home espresso bars worldwide. More potent beverages like small-batch whiskeys and alcoholic kombucha are popular party options for consumers who want to socialize freely without sacrificing their purchasing ethics. 


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People are seeking alternative brands and ingredients to fit their specific lifestyles in 2022, going far beyond plant-based and dairy-free ways of living. 


Clean Protein

As people shift away from the red meat industry, they prefer sustainably sourced or wild-caught fish and seafood for quality fuel. More innovative protein options like jackfruit and mycoprotein (mushroom) are making their way into culinary favorites like tacos and stir-frys, and grass-fed collagen is becoming the preferred addition to coffee and smoothies for a long-lasting boost into the afternoon.



Consumers are embracing companies and products that contribute to a social cause: think zero waste, 100% slave-free, or ethically-sourced ingredients. Tony's Chocolonely bars are a great way to cap off a satisfying meal of wild salmon, truffle risotto, and sliced gruyere topped with currant jam. Products that perpetuate social listening and concrete value systems will continue to guide culinary choices through the second half of the year.

When it comes to the top flavor trends of 2022, consumers want to connect to their communities and the people within them through unadulterated food that also promotes good health. Where this once was a far-fetched economic concept, being healthy in mind and body in 2022 is not only desirable but fully attainable. 


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