Attention all, over here! We got it, the bracket of all brackets; a 64-team March Madness style bracket to reveal America’s favorite ice cream flavor.

So how were the flavors chosen for this 64 team field of flavors? We conducted hours of preliminary research and developed a competitive bracket based on: the top 50 flavors in retail ice cream products, the top flavors across food service, the fastest growing flavors in food service plus additional exciting flavors from our proprietary TrendScope® research to fill the 64 team field of flavors.

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At this point the flavors have been ranked but we still did not have a way to categorize the teams into the four regions. For this we chose the Symrise TrendScope® Megatrends Natural Goodness, Premium Indulgence, Healthy Lifestyle and Emotional Discoveries. To capture 16 teams in each regional bracket we started by placing the top 4 overall flavor seeds as the #1 seed in each region, the worst overall flavor seeds became the regions #16 seed and we repeated this until all teams were spoken for.

How will the winners be chosen? Sorry, we will not be asking you to taste for a winner! Instead, flavor matchups will be selected by ice cream consumers across the U.S. in real time on our online consumer intelligence platform. This platform allows us unparalleled speed and the ability to reach any consumer target to instantly validate flavor appeal across product categories. We have roughly 10,000 consumers that will help us determine which flavors move on to the next round and which ice cream flavors do not stack up.

Below is a printable version of our 2020 Ice Cream Flavor Madness Bracket. Print it out, play along and subscribe to In-sight for updates and commentary on dairy like you’ve never seen before. We will be providing insights on the most popular ice cream flavors as chosen by consumers, top trends in the sweet category and hopefully inspire innovative ice cream concepts.


Continue on with our Flavor Madness series with the Recap of Round 1 here!

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