If there’s one trend that will never die out, it’s that people everywhere have a sweet tooth. Different corners of the world may have certain preferences, but no matter what the diet fad du jour is, the fact is sugar will never go out of style. But many people aren’t satisfied with a simple bag of Swedish fish or a bar of Hershey’s chocolate – for some, only the best will do. Looking for the best boutique candy from around the world? Here are a few places to start.


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Jacques Genin. Paris is home to some of the best chocolate, pastry, and candy stores in the world, but the creations at Jacques Genin are a cut above the rest. Not only does Monsieur Genin produce some of the best artisan chocolate candy in the city, but he also makes some of the most interesting caramels you’ll find anywhere. They come in flavors like blackcurrant, rhubarb, and macadamia, as well as some more traditional ones, like vanilla and coffee. One of his most creative offerings, though, are his fruit and vegetable jellies. You might not be immediately drawn to try a fennel or green tomato jelly, but rest assured that they’re both unique and delicious.


Economy Candy. The charm of Economy Candy lies in its throwback to simpler times: this New York City store was founded in 1937, and is known for its extraordinary variety of sweets. They carry fun items of yesteryear, like old school Pez and Bazooka gum by the pound. But you’ll also find plenty of specialty imported candy products, like Hello Kitty Soda Candy and Japanese Hi-Chews in flavors like lychee and mango. No matter how old you are, a visit to Economy Candy is guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again.


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Ameya Eitaro. Ameya Eitaro, based out of Tokyo, is home to some of the strangest, most wonderful confections in world. From crystal candies that look exactly like real diamonds to edible cosmetics that will have you eating lip gloss straight from the tube, they are not afraid to step outside of the box when it comes to their candy creations. Even if you don’t plan on eating the candies themselves, they remain a feast for the eyes.  


Lollies ‘n’ Stuff. As a self-proclaimed “International house of candy,” Lollies ‘n’ Stuff is an Australian-based candy shop that sells products not only from Australia, but also the USA, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe. They boast an impressive 1,000+ different kinds of lollipops for a variety you’re not going to find anywhere else in the world. They also offer whimsical delights that will please the inner child of people everywhere – from the white chocolate mice of British childhood to the sweet and minty Cadbury Peppy Chews enjoyed by kids across New Zealand. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find some interesting, yet nostalgic candy here.


Lavolio. With locations across London, Lavolio is one of England’s premier artisan candy shops. Their refined candies are a step above the gummy bears and lollipops you’ll find elsewhere: Lavolio is about sophistication rather than nostalgia. One of their signature creations are their “Arabian Nights” candy coated almonds, which come in flavors like rose, violet, ginger, and lemon. You also won’t want to miss the Fondant Lovelies, which are delicate and beautifully shaped pieces of fondant that come in flavors like almond and pear. It’s likely you’ll spend a little more money than you intend to when visiting this shop, but it’s well worth it.    

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