After a year that was like no other for the food and beverage industry, 2021 still contains many unknowns. But while it may be too early to say when bars and restaurants will once again be packed across North America, as well as to determine how grocery shopping habits may change when the pandemic eventually ends, we can still project what types of trending tastes North American consumers will likely turn to in 2021.

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Through extensive research that included chef/mixologist interviews, consumer surveys, menu tracking, and an analysis of COVID-19’s impact on consumer behavior, we have discovered 12 trends and 36 collective flavors that will likely become more prominent in North America in 2021.

In this latest version of our annual report, we find that North American consumers are generally becoming increasingly health-conscious, both physically and mentally. As such, they want their food and beverage choices to feed their well-being. In some cases that means turning to minimally-processed, immunity-boosting food, and in other cases that means consuming comforting, uplifting food.

Specifically, the Symrise North American top flavor trends for 2021 include:

1. Immunity Boosters
2. Embracing Legumes
3. Reviving Ayurveda
4. New Natural Sweeteners
5. Botanical Boom
6. Mexican Power Herbs
7. Decadent Textures
8. Southern & Low Country Cuisine
9. Gravitating Toward Comfort
10. Global Fermented Flavors
11. Middle Eastern Heat
12. Elevating Comfort Foods
Although 2021 will likely continue to be challenging in many ways, we see significant potential for essentially all types of food and beverage brands to explore these flavors and delight customers.

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