By Brad Ross, Global Trend Forecasting 

I’ve been watching this for a few years now and find it interesting how it is moving into mainstream. As is with most trends, these influences start in a less vested manor such as fashion, but as adoption grows, we begin to see a weighted expression across a broad platform. “Retromania” is alive and well, and the focus is around the 70’s.

“With one eye on the past, I walk backwards into the future”

Yohji Yamamoto

I’ll start with apparel as it is the most assertive. Last year the mega-retailer H&M tapped Balmain for a designer capsule collection with Dutch super model Lara Stone. It’s as if they were directly inspired by the movie “Dazed and Confused” and it’s “Right on!”

While the mood is predominantly in womenswear, it is also influencing menswear. Take a look at the transition happening here. We can all identify with the Mad Men slim 60’s look, but now we are seeing a relaxed silhouette with a fuller lapel. High end Italian brand, Corneliani, is charting the course with confidence.

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Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper is sporting this subtle relaxed evolution. Men’s grooming is also a clear connection to the 70’s trend influence. You don’t have to go far to spot the Millennial facial hair reminiscent of Grizzily Adams.

However, the adaptation today is a more grown-up take on traditional 1970s aesthetic, replacing the tired bohemian look with a more mature and tasteful delivery.

Go beyond the clothing and grooming and you’ll also find the conspicuous 70’s wood tones and desert colors in Interiors, visual merchandising and photography.

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Peruse Pinterist for interior inspiration and you’ll see a undeniable shift in fixturing and accents from silver and chrome to vintage brass, gold and bronze. Indelibly 70’s.

So with any trend we ask, ‘How far will it go?” “What is the  next venue on it’s charted course?” “Will we be having fondue parties in our swanky sunken living rooms?” Potentially, yes and I’ll explain why. Notwithstanding the above references, there are 4 key characteristics of Millennials and GenZ that point to profitable opportunity embedded in this 70’s trend.

Retromania, Experiences, Community and Sharing dominate the open landscape of choices they make to fill their time. The money they will spend on foods and experiences that bring them together will undoubtedly be part of the equation and success of meeting the demands of a massive demographic.

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As we advance into the future we may not see a return of salad bars, but restaurants that offer sharable foods in retro communal spaces will increase in importance. Sunday brunches, recipes for quiche, farm to table cheese logs and fondue pots are poised for imminent demand.

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