By Cynthia Maxwell, Trend Forecasting

I remember when Evian released the limited edition Christian Lacroix 750ml bottle. The delicate white lace design was so beautiful with the designers name printed oh so small at the top of the bottle in red. I did not open mine wanting to preserve the beauty of the entire package as a whole. For right now it still sits in my kitchen on display. I cannot part with it.

Seasonal and limited edition packaging are at the top of the packaging trend list because of the experiences these concepts provide. Unique packaging lures the customer, captures their attention and hopefully compels them to purchase. Here are few trends that will definitely capture our attention.

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Australian company Blind Date With a Book uses a mystery-packaging concept. Choose from multiple genres, your book is gift-wrapped and printed with clues as to what the book is about. Now available in Waitrose stores in the UK and worldwide via the .com shop. One of my fav clues: Dark Thriller-Serial Killer-Small Town Texas-Brutal-Crime Noir-you absolutely get it!

Multi-use packaging is taken to the next level with boxes and bottles that can be planted. They turn into trees, even coffee trees, and flowers. This is what O’Right hair care is doing and I almost can’t stand how wonderful it is. Regardless if the products work, I want to see a tree grow from a bottle. Not to mention how good it feels to recycle, the best “green” way!

The Belvedere vodka bottle “Night Saber” houses LED lights in the base of the bottle, which color it a luminous virtual blue. Originally created for night clubs/bars it is now available for purchase. Will bedside lamps be replaced?

With online shopping stats at their highest, retailers are still brainstorming on how to get consumers back in stores. Think hangtags on items that say “Only Available In Store.” Simple enough, but in a recent packaging report, Mintel reveals that 52% of US food shoppers are drawn to packaging with unusual or eye-catching design. Noa Relax and Focus drinks are gorgeously hued and printed with a silvery gold font and botanical line drawings -they could be displayed in the most beautiful apothecary shop.

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Creative dye cuts and imagery that look like pieces of art are exactly what genius designer Angela Pischikova did for CS lights, the largest electric company in Belarus, light bulb packaging. Using habitus drawings, and precisely placed dye cuts, the bulbs become part of the bug’s body. Again, you don’t really want to disrupt the packaging because it’s that beautiful.

Using augmented reality, consumers were able to virtually visualize the wholesome environment Vital Farms eggs were laid by placing their smart devices over the carton. This experience was created by the partnership between Vital Farms and Roar- an augment reality-shopping platform. Not only does this address the growing visual tech trends but it will also fulfill the need for companies to be transparent with their customers.

To wrap it up, a new limited edition bottle concept from Coca Cola. Expected to roll out this year, with an electronic cap that records a 30 second message that will play back when the cap is twisted open. Entertaining packaging! I imagine great songs of love, marriage proposals and important announcements will play back through those caps. Maybe Coca Cola will be able to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. 

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