Every year, our Marketing, Sensory and Consumer Insights team takes pride in selecting the most cutting edge flavor trends that are predicted to drive food and beverage for the next 2-3 years.

With the close of 2020 upon us, we're reflecting back on the most innovative flavors we identified coming into the year. From interviews with chefs, mixologists and pastry chefs, consumer surveys, menu analysis and food treks in culinary hotspots around the world, we selected 40 of the most gripping flavors that rose to the top. Those flavors were introduced to our customers in the release of our annual Top Flavor Trends Report.

The below video shares a glance into the investigative approach we took to solidify the report:



Have you come across any of these flavors in your own research or dining experiences? We'd love to hear from you about your experiences, click here to share!

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