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Beauty products have been incorporating food, plant and herbal ingredients for quite some time. So much so, that besides completely plant based lines, there is now the addition of gluten free and NON GMO labeling. On the flipside, there is a growing trend of packaged foods that claim they will affect your overall appearance. When I set out to research, I knew of some food + beauty combos and discovered a few surprises.

Republic of Tea’s Be Well line features Get Gorgeous tea. I’m most familiar with this tea because I purchased it three years ago for my niece’s high school senior tea party. Containing rooibos, hibiscus, chaste berry-to name a few, Get Gorgeous is tea for clear skin. Anti-aging, a huge beauty buzz word, is also noted on the front label. The tea was appealing to the teenage girls I served it to because of the clear skin claim.

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Yogi Tea brand has two beauty teas: Skin Detox and Healthy Skin. Skin Detox for a healthy glow, with hibiscus and rose petal used in Ayurvedic medicine to soothe skin, and dandelion, burdock and yellow dock for their cleansing qualities. Healthy Skin maintains the hydration of skin using rooibos and nettle leaf and cinnamon and cardamom for circulation

Longtime mass Bigelow teas have introduced a few new lines to their tea assortment. The Benefits tea line features “isn’t it nice to know you Radiate Beauty everyday” tea with aloe vera associated with radiant skin and rosehips for a healthy glow.

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Finally in beverages -Vim Vitae NO.3 Bright Complexion juice boasts a load of anti oxidant veggies and fruit, which lead to healthy cells both inside and out as well as Vitamin C for improved complexion and boosts collagen production. I just stopped writing and took a few raw Vitamin C tablets because of this!

Navitas Organics is known for their commitment to search the globe finding the highest quality organic superfoods and supports small local farmers who use sustainable organic farming. Navitas Daily Superfood Beauty Boost ingredients include goji, maqui, acai, maca and turmeric to support skin, hair and nail health. This powder-based food can be added to water, smoothies and pretty much any whole food recipes to reap the inner and outer beauty benefits.

The importance of health and wellness continues to drive the beauty and food industry as the consumer is becoming more aware that what is consumed has major impact on how you feel and look. Let’s not forget one of the top food trends for 2018/19 is gut friendly food. Restaurants are incorporating probiotic, prebiotic and anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, aloe, flaxseed and skyr. Also, regardless if the consumer is aware of how gut friendly Kombucha is or just wants a buzz the industry is worth an annual $600 million and counting. A healthy gut equals healthy skin! With this in mind I look for an increase in packaged foods marketing beauty benefits. Be Well and Get Gorgeous!

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