Today, millennials are obsessed with healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. They are more concerned with their health than any other generation. And that doesn’t come as a surprise.

Millennials were growing up in schools that questioned “pizza Thursdays”, soda and candy bars. They were raised to be health conscious. And, as they have children of their own, health is becoming their number one priority. Ask any Millennial about “clean” eating, Paleo or the Ketogenic diet and they will probably know about it and be excited to talk about it.

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Super premium soups offer a wide variety of clean and healthy ingredients. They are exactly what every millennial would love to have in his or her pantry. These soups aren’t only healthy but also economical as they readily deliver the entire meal in a cup. They also provide an emotional response similar to an experience a child would have when enjoying a bowl of hearty chicken noodle soup on a cold rainy day. Super premium soups deliver excitement and evoke happiness from new experiences delivered by often unusual yet well balanced ingredients.

1. Super Premium Soups Are Filled with Healthy Goodness

These natural soups are perceived as a healthier choice than conventionally canned soups. That's due to their freshness and a variety of healthy ingredients. Super premium soups are also hearty and contain “real” ingredients, which offer protein, vitamins and fiber. These ingredients include lentils, brown rice and vine-ripened tomatoes. Their unique bold flavors and excellent taste deliver wholesome goodness with every spoon. Millennials see super premium soups as a way to eat well and improve mental wellbeing. Super premium soups are also very comforting and satisfying when one is feeling ill.

2. Super Premium Soups Deliver an Entire Meal

It’s not surprising that Millennials are one of the most frugal generations in America. This age group was either in college or starting their careers when the Great Recession hit. At that time Millennials received a wake up call about the importance of savings at a young age. Having considered this behavioral trait, soup companies introduced super premium soups that are rich in flavor. Their filling ingredients such as vegetables and meat make premium soups an entire meal to satisfy even the most tight budget.

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3. Super Premium Soups Resonate Emotionally
“Even if it is a classic style soup, I would want there to be something unique about it that stands above the regular soups. A rare ingredient, a different texture or an irresistible variation of the classic recipe. Otherwise it's just another boring soup,” says a Millennial male from Seattle. Super premium soups deliver a real moment to yourself, delight and a sense of the effort that someone has put into your wellbeing.

4. Super Premium Soups Deliver Excitement
Millennials are all about excitement and expressing their creativity. With a taste for culinary adventure and variety, Millennials seek new rule-breaking products that offer excitement, not only for their pallets but also for their eyes. The packaging of super premium soups is utterly unique and authentic. It is craft-looking and eco-friendly. It speaks to the Millennial desire for expressing individuality and creativity. That’s why Millennials love it!

5. Super Premium Soups Evoke Happiness
”Good food should make you happy when you’re eating it,” said another Millennial male. Super premium soups excite and evoke a positive state of happiness that often comes from an enjoyable moment. This is a moment of enjoying a nice cup of super premium soup. If something is good for the body, it is also good for the soul!

With Millennials paving the way to healthy eating and enjoying super premium soups, there is no reason why any other generation, young or old shouldn’t follow their lead. And because Millennials don't easily fall for corporate advertising and TV commercials, they are a great source of advice on how to eat healthy. Listen to Millennials, go super premium!

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