Yogurt is a staple in many households, where it serves as a quick breakfast or a satisfying snack, especially when paired with fresh fruit and other toppings. This dairy delight hasn’t changed significantly over the years, although twists like Go-Gurt certainly had their 15 minutes of fame (and then some).

As consumers turn to healthier diets, functional foods, and sustainable options, it’s no surprise that yogurt has become the focus of the transformative power of consumer demand. It’s already packed with protein and, in some cases, ample probiotics. How is yogurt being adapted to meet the demands of the current market?


Drinkable Veggie Yogurt

Most people have never considered pairing yogurt with V8, but some of the latest trends to hit the market are doing almost exactly that. It makes a lot of sense when you consider the functional food craze. 

Yogurt is usually a sweet snack, especially when paired with fruit, honey, granola, and other favorite mix-ins. But high-protein options like Greek yogurt have a flavor closer to sour cream, making it easy to pair this dairy product with veggies like tomatoes, carrots, and beets to create savory concoctions loaded with vitamins and other nutrients. 

Turning the whole kit and caboodle into a beverage just adds an element of on-the-go convenience the RTD crowd is sure to love.


Yogurt Dessert Dips

Dreamy dessert dips loaded with sugar became the stuff of TikTok legend during the pandemic, when millions of consumers rediscovered their kitchens and sought ways to stave off the depression of lockdown living. 

As people returned to regular life and started looking to shed the quarantine fifteen, these high-calorie treats fell out of favor, but healthier alternatives popped up to replace them.

Yogurt dessert dips offer all the comfort of these sweet treats without the saccharine downfalls of marshmallow fluff (for example). Ingredients like honey and nut butters make for outstanding sweet and savory combos, while spices like cinnamon and add-ins like vanilla extract can imbue yogurt dips with loads of flavor.

Popular options, such as cookie dough and Funfetti dip, needn’t be high in sugar or calories. 

With as little as a tablespoon of brown sugar, along with vanilla extract, peanut butter, and chocolate chips, a cup of yogurt can become a cookie-flavored dip for pretzels, fruit, or graham crackers. Or a topping of brown sugar, vanilla, and rainbow sprinkles can make for a naturally flavorful Funfetti dip.


Nondairy Yogurt Alternatives

Some consumers yearn for the dairy products they once enjoyed but can no longer ingest due to dietary restrictions. Others are concerned about the treatment of animals within the dairy industry. Hundreds of brands have heard the call for nondairy alternatives and responded with delicious vegan yogurts.

Typically, these products are designed with health-conscious consumers in mind, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on taste or quality. Most shoot to include the benefits you’d expect from yogurt, such as protein and probiotics, but they minimize sugar content and unwanted artificial additives.

Some brands that are killing it in this niche market include vegan standbys like Silk, Oatly, and So Delicious, also known for their alternative milks and frozen treats. Even Chobani has dipped its toes in the water with a base made from gluten-free oats, pea protein, and tapioca flour. 

The blend of cashew milk, coconut milk, and live cultures in yogurt from Forager Project is among the best, although this product is only available in limited sizes and flavors.


Classic Options and Current Trends Abound

Classic yogurt styles are sure to stick around, but in the meantime, consumers are eating up yogurt products that offer drinkable convenience, healthy alternatives to beloved sweets, and organic and vegan options that address multiple pain points.

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