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Top 100 Food Trends in August

From Soaked Oat Cups to Virtual Farmers' Market Apps - The August 2020 food trends point to new and improved flavor options but also to how technology is being utilized in the...  more »


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Iceland's Holiday Hand-Cooked Crisps are Made with Real Pine Oil

Over the years, innovative snack food brands and consumers participating in flavor-creating competitions have developed tons of unexpected potato chip flavors with wild ingredient...  more »


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Alcohol-Based Hot Sauces - The 'Swamp Dragon' Hot Sauce Base is Made with Spirits Instead of Vinegar (

At the Winter Fancy Food Show, Swamp Dragon set itself apart as a new and noteworthy hot sauce brandone that sets itself apart with a unique hot sauce base. While many hot sauces...  more »

Best new kitchen tools - top kitchen tools

Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in May - From Dual-Sided Breakfast Appliances to Non-Oxidizing Slow Juicers

Instead of sticking to toasters and microwaves, the May 2017 kitchen trends reveal that consumers are eagerly filling up their homes with appliances that help their flex their...  more »

Drip Currymeshi Tokyo Serves Its Curry Rice Snacks Like Filtered Coffee

Those who love filtered coffee and curry rice will want to check out a new destination in Japan's Shibuya Station by the name of Drip Currymeshi Tokyo. The all-new eatery is based...  more »

Plant-Based Gastropubs - The Green Lion Eatery Offers a Fast Casual Menu With Vegan Ingredients

Green Lion is set to be the first plant-based pub in Sydney, Australia that will offer a fast casual menu of comfort foods and drinks made using vegan ingredients. The eatery will...  more »

Gourmet Butter Spreads - Epicurean Butter Comes in Sweet, Salty and Savory Artisan Flavors

It's not unusual to find gourmet butter flavors in select grocery stores, especially ones that are infused with herbs, but Epicurean Butter puts a fresh spin on the concept....  more »


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12 Gourmet Soup Products - From Bottled Cold Soups to Savory Spanish Soups

It's easy for both consumers and brands to throw together a range of inexpensive ingredients into a sodium-heavy stock to create a soup, but today's health-conscious consumers are...  more »

Omni Hotels' 'Flavors of the World' Series Has a Chilean Theme

is an initiative, put in place by Omni Hotels & Resorts as part of its annual Flavors of the World series, that allows guests to enjoy a deep and authentic immersion into the...  more »


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21 Savory Pork Snacks - From Meaty Cotton Candy Confections to Delicious Pork-Infused Crackers

These savory pork snacks will curb mid-morning or late night cravings for pork chops. However, if pork cravings do pop up in the morning, there is a new line of pork-infused jams...  more »

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