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New and Exciting food & drink trends

Never before have I seen such an influx of unique packaging + flavor + health and wellness-focused food and drink as I do now. From modern adult-ish…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Food Trends Source: Fast Casual

5 food trends that should drive your menu design

It can be difficult to know which trends are most likely to rise above the noise over the next 12 months as the economy is still very much in flux and…
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Beyond the Plate

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Tteokbokki takeover: America's next food obsession is the ultimate Korean comfort food

Ask any Korean what their favorite street food is and, most likely, at the top of the list will be tteokbokki — the pillowy soft rice cakes doused in…
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Top 2023 food and beverage trends

 After walking many grocery store isles and researching food and drink predictions for 2023, I came across trends worth talking about.  Here are just…
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The Surprising Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Among the many superfoods out there, few get discussed as much as fermented foods. From the live probiotics that these foods contain to their…
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Social Listening: Top Flavor Trends 

As the second half of the year gets underway, the top flavor trends of 2022 are continuing to thrive. Using food as a way to align with social causes…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Food Trends Source: CNET

15 Foods That Aren't as Unhealthy as You Think

For some people, coming into adulthood means learning the truth about myths you always heard as a kid, like going outside with wet hair won't give you…
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[Webinar on demand] Symrise North America 2023 Top Trends

Watch our Symrise North America 2023 Top Trends Webinar  In our webinar, you'll discover: Mega-trends around holistic health, naturalness, premium…
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Expect demand for authentic, functional foods in 2023

At the forefront of iTi’s forecast for the upcoming year is a combination of provenance and authenticity, providing consumers with genuine flavors…
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Deep-Fried Artichokes and Other Healthy Foods

The best thing I’ve eaten so far in 2023 was a deep-fried globe artichoke. I was in Rome in early January at a restaurant in the Jewish quarter called…
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