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Tags: Chocolate, Dessert Source: Fox News

Chocolate on chocolate: Desserts to indulge in on Valentine's Day

When you walk down the aisle of your local store during the Valentine's season, the shelves are almost always stacked high with chocolate boxes and…
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Tags: Dessert, Chocolate Source: Eater

The Migration of Milo

Here’sHere’s something that happens every time I go to Singapore. The first morning I wake up in my grandmother’s flat, I take a short and sweaty walk…
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US confectionery industry set for $4 billion boost this Easter

As the confectionery sector gears up for one of its busiest periods, the National Confectioners Association reveals top four sweet treats Americans…
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US chocolate and candy sector in good health as sales soar over 11% in 2021

American candy and chocolate consumers are increasingly focused on seasonal celebrations, sharing and gifting, along with their emotional wellbeing,…
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Tags: Chocolate, Confectionery Source: Wired Magazine

Explore a Oaxaca Chocolate Shop Where DIY Tech Sets a High Bar

The chocolatiers at Mamá Pacha use an unlikely combination of tools and appliances to make their renowned delicacies. READ MORE
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Tags: Chocolate, Confectionery Source: Eater

Where to Buy Bonbons for Valentine’s Day

11 chocolate shops where you can find the best Valentine’s Day gift there is READ MORE
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Tags: Seasonality, Chocolate, Dessert Source: Symrise

Top Valentine’s Day Flavors for 2022

Chocolate is as essential to Valentine’s Day as roses, but consumers don't necessarily want to woo their sweetheart with just any old sweets. The…
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US demand for chocolate drives up cocoa prices

Record surge for chocolate by American consumers has pushed sales to $29bn, with retail chocolate sales climbing more than 5% a quarter, according to…
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60% of Consumers Now Expect Plant-based Options

In the UK, health, taste and variety are ranked highly. Globally, the key barriers to eating plant-based chocolate are concerns about taste, high…
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5 Festive Chocolate and Confectionery Trends to Boost Your Sales

Confectionery products are the key to any good festive season food experience – whether that’s a sweet snack shared between family members or an…
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