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US confectionery industry set for $4 billion boost this Easter

As the confectionery sector gears up for one of its busiest periods, the National Confectioners Association reveals top four sweet treats Americans…
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US chocolate and candy sector in good health as sales soar over 11% in 2021

American candy and chocolate consumers are increasingly focused on seasonal celebrations, sharing and gifting, along with their emotional wellbeing,…
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Tags: Chocolate, Confectionery Source: Wired Magazine

Explore a Oaxaca Chocolate Shop Where DIY Tech Sets a High Bar

The chocolatiers at Mamá Pacha use an unlikely combination of tools and appliances to make their renowned delicacies. READ MORE
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Tags: Chocolate, Confectionery Source: Eater

Where to Buy Bonbons for Valentine’s Day

11 chocolate shops where you can find the best Valentine’s Day gift there is READ MORE
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MrBeast introduces Feastables chocolate bars

Initial launch includes three varieties. READ MORE
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Tags: Confectionery Source: Fox 5 Atlanta

Atlanta business puts the 'cute' in charcuterie with candy boards

Just in time for Valentine's Day, ATL Boards has crafted a peach-themed candy charcuterie board. And yes, the boards replace the cured meats and…
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Brands let customers opt out of Valentine's Day deluge

More and more brands are giving their customers a heads up and the chance to opt out of marketing emails ahead of holidays like Valentine's Day. READ…
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Tags: Sweet, Bakery, Confectionery Source: Symrise

The Sweet Side of Symrise Trendscope

Which consumer trends are driving innovations of sweet products? At Symrise, we decode current consumer trends and translate them to specific food…
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Plant-based Gummy Candy Helps Vegans and Vegetarians Get Their Vitamins

Worldwide, millions of people follow vegan and vegetarian diets for religious, ethical, environmental or economic reasons. While these diets have…
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How COVID-19 has Impacted Functional Snacking

Consumers are looking to address key areas of health, such as their immune and digestive health, in order to be less vulnerable to future disease. In…
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