With over 2,600 exhibitors and 180,000 specialty food and beverages to see and taste, the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show in NY was an experience that left you with plenty of exciting discoveries, knowledge and an understanding of where the future of food and beverage is going. Exhibitors provided an inside view of the exciting products and flavors they have to offer.

Symrise attended along with thousands of others looking at innovations shaping specialty food and beverage. This year’s show displayed that the current emphasis is around local, sustainable and natural ingredients, transparency and healthy snacking. The show illustrated how consumer trends have changed. For instance, the 90’s was the decade of celebrity chefs, fusion cuisine, and the beginning of healthier foods. In the mid-2000s, we experienced the food truck craze with Millennials wanting to experience global and regional cuisine. Being surrounded by all of these changes, we realize we have to be on top of the hottest beverage and food trends as well as whom these products are targeting. Many of the products are targeting Millennials as well as Generation Z. But, we can’t leave out Baby Boomers and Gen X as they are also focusing on health and wellness product options. From the trends we see happening today, the product emphasis was on bite size snacking, protein and functional products, healthier options and kid-friendly choices for sweet, beverage and savory categories.

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As the health and wellness trend continues to be a main focus for many consumers, the demand for innovation in this area increases and more and more companies are delivering on it. One company that stood out was Quinoa Pops, a fairly new company about 8 months young. They were very excited to share their story and rightfully so. “It’s a great food that has so many added values and it’s a fun way to snack and get your fiber and protein” says Camille Paz y Mino, Marketing Director, Quinoa Pops. “We are breaking the concept of healthy not being tasty.” This tasty line includes Black Sea Salt, Italian Herb, Vanilla and Cinnamon.

What’s New and What’s Hot Showcase features hundreds of innovative products catering to the hottest trends in food and beverage. Many people walked around to get a first-hand look at the exclusive new trends and products being presented. Many offerings were in line with the trends we see happening today. Some stand outs included Dave’s Naturals Overnight Oats, a healthy option loaded with protein and fiber. Flavors included Blueberry Vanilla Almond, Apple Nut, Cinnamon Raisin and Mixed Berry. The Pickle Juice Company showcased their Natural Pickle Juice Sport, a ready-to-drink beverage that helps to prevent and stop muscle cramping.

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There were other notable companies showcasing their products for all to see and taste. Wild Ophelia’s Cold Brew Chocolate Coffee bites were deliciously addictive. Protes unveiled their line of protein chips containing 15 gram of protein and 0 gram of guilt. Their flavors included zesty nacho and spicy chili. H2 Rose introduced their line of light and refreshing functional beverages. From digestive health to skin beauty, this rose water and saffron infused beverage line will make anyone feel better with flavors such as Apple, Mango and Wild Berry. Nature’s Bandits introduced their organic line of Veggie Fruit Stix containing real fruit and vegetables with flavors including Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Apple and Mango.

Another highlight of the show was Incubator Alley which featured up-and-coming companies at the earliest stage. Boonbox introduced their all natural ready to eat meals for busy consumers. The box included jerky, vegetables, and fruit for a high fiber meal with plenty of protein. Keepers showcased their sparkling coffee which was paired with citrus to create a tastefully unique experience.

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