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Zagat’s referred to this year as the “Summer of Fried Fowl”. Others have just called it Chicken Sandwich Madness. Either way, the humble Fried Chicken Sandwich is enjoying its minute in the sun (or the heat lamp as the case may be) right now. The Fried Chicken Sandwich was originally created in the south around 1940’s. Chick-fil-a claims to be the creator of the original sandwich which was brined in pickle juice before frying but their sandwich wasn’t introduced to the public until the ‘60s. It’s likely that a lot of Southern Mom and Pop type restaurants were serving their own versions of Fried Chicken Sandwich before then.

Not much of note happened in the Fried Chicken Sandwich world until 1980 when McDonald's launched the McChicken Sandwich, mainly as an alternative for people who didn’t want red meat but it was met with lukewarm success and was taken off and reintroduced to the menu several times. In the meantime, Chick-fil-a was slowly winning market share away from McDonald's with their Southern Style Sandwich and in 1998 McDonald's released their own version of a Southern Style Sandwich to compete with it but after 4 years, it was discontinued.

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It wasn’t until 2010, that the Fried Chicken Sandwich started to gain some momentum. In NYC, Bob White’s Lunch Counter, Wilma Jean, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and The Commodore all launched their own versions of Fried Chicken Sandwich to rave reviews but then things started to quiet down again until the Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2015. Danny Meyer of Shake Shack announced that he was working on developing a new Fried Chicken Sandwich for the menu and possibly launching a new concept called Chicken Shack. Not to be outdone, David Chang of the Momofuku Empire launched FUKU to a hungry NYC audience. It was met with hour long lines and rave reviews. Shortly afterwards, Meyer released his version in Brooklyn at Chicken Shack, throwing out the gauntlet.

Since then, several other restaurants have entered the fray; including Mighty Quinn’s, Schaller & Weber and Delaney Chicken have all released their own versions of the Fried Chicken Sandwich. McDonald’s released the Premium Buttermilk Chicken Deluxe to complete in this space and Chick-fil-a opened a Flagship Store in Times Square to both protests and people camping out overnight to get the first sandwiches. It seems safe to say this is the year of the Fried Chicken Sandwich.

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Eat this Now: Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Where Danny Meyer and David Chang go, the world follows. Following on the heels of Chang’s fast food fried chicken restaurant, Fuku, and the trial of the Chicken Shack burger at Meyer’s Shake Shake empire, fried chicken sandwiches are having a moment.



How New York City Hit Its Crispy-Chicken-Sandwich Saturation Point

As you've probably heard, New York City is in the middle of a fried-chicken-sandwich boom. Almost every day brings another contender into the ring, vying for the public's attention. In fact, it's gotten to the point where, just a few short months after chicken mania took hold, fried-chicken also-rans like sausage-makers and movie theaters are jumping onto the trend, threatening to saturate the city and blow the whole thing up.

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Follow the Crispy-Fried Lunacy of Sietsema's Extreme Chicken Sandwich Run 

Some say it started with Steven Tanner's first spicy chicken sandwich at The Commodore. Others point to the Chick-Fil-A ...

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7 New-Wave, Next-Level Fried-Chicken Sandwiches

Sky-high beef prices and the enduring sandwich craze have laid the groundwork for a new between-the-bread obsession: the fried-chicken sandwich. No longer the sole province of fast-food chains and southern-inflected Williamsburg diners, it has become a business plan for industry titans like David Chang and Danny Meyer, who just the other day - too late for pre-deadline sampling - unveiled Shake Shack's own ChickenShack sandwich at three Brooklyn locations.

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Homestyle Chicken Is in: Spicy Is Yesterday

"One day you're in and the next day, you re out." Heidi Klum's fashion dictum applies to chicken sandwiches as well, it seems. Spicy chicken that was all the rage? Pushed aside and replaced by new down-home, country-style chicken. Sliced jalapeños have given way to sliced pickles; sriracha aïoli has been replaced with mayo.

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Tech Companies Delivering Food, Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Modern Jewish Cuisine Among 2016's Biggest Food Trends

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The 'Wiching Hour: Due South's Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Sandwich: Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich Where: Due South, 301 Water St. SE Bread: Toasted white sandwich bread Stuffings: Fried chicken rubbed with a spice blend that includes Korean red chili flakes, cayenne, and sugar. Bacon-braised greens come on the side.

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Fuku Unveils the Koreano, Its Second Spicy Fried-Chicken Sandwich

Only 48 hours in, David Chang has decided that man cannot live on plain old spicy chicken sandwiches (plus the occasional Asian-inflected grain salad) alone. Thus, he's added the $9, off-menu Koreano to Fuku's offerings . The Underground Gourmet waited in line for 25 minutes today to try it.

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Nitehawk's New Menu Features A Fried Chicken Sandwich & A Decadent Dessert Cocktail

fullscreen Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema has never been a stale popcorn, boxed candy-type of operation, and until the Alamo Drafthouse opens in Downtown Brooklyn someday, the art house theater will continue to offer the most ambitious food program of any cinema in NYC.

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