Symrise 2017 Food TrendsBy Chef Ron Spaziani

As we start a new year let’s take a look back at the Symrise 2017 North American Savory Food Trends. We uncovered 11 trends last year based on news stories, food and beverage events, industry publications, menu trends and our very own Symrise observations. Trends may stick around for a while or even never go away, but sometimes they can simply fade away as just another fad.

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As I look through the list of Symrise trends, there are a few that caught my eye, which I believe will be around well into 2018. “Green is the new Black” which includes power greens, seaweed and beyond. I personally have found a new love for Swiss chard and collard greens. I like to sauté them in a little olive oil, garlic salt, pepper and pancetta bacon.

Symrise 2017 Food TrendsAnother one that I think will only continue to grow is the "Return of the Butcher Shops." I popped into my local butcher Shop in New Jersey and was pleasantly surprised at their approach to using different meats which may not be the most popular. What they tend to do is create meal kits utilizing lesser cuts of meat. The butcher typically smokes the meat or applies a dry rub to the meat to make it more approachable.

The "Spirituous Foods" trend is one of my favorites. One of the dishes I have crafted recently was an appetizer called Spicy Drunken Infused Shrimp and Lobster served in a mini wonton cones. It’s basically Rum, spices along with some vegetables tossed together stuffed in to a crisp wonton cone. Cooking with spirits really brings out bold flavors and it's a simple and fun way to experiment with your food.

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The last trend that managed to hold its own in 2017 was "Planet Plant," which includes plant based meals. Who would think plant based food products could be the center of the plate? Increasingly across the county on menus, supermarkets and your local coffee shops are featuring more and more plant based items.This is a trend that will continue to grow in 2018 and beyond.

You can see the full list of the 2017 Symrise trends below:

1. Green is the new Black: Power Greens, Seaweed & Beyond.

2. Creative Condiments: Artisanal, Housemade, Next Level Hot Sauces, Savory Caramel

3. Return of the Butcher Shop: Artisanal Butchers, Vegan Butchers, Meat Analogues/Alternatives, New Cuts of Meat, Charcuterie, Sausage

4. Planet Plant: Plant Based Meals & Protein

5. Spirituous Foods: Boozy Fusion, Pairing, Barrel Aging

6. AM Explosion: Breakfast Sandwiches, Ethnic Breakfast, Bowls, Tacos

7. Tamed Heat: Lighter Spices, Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne

8. Modern International: Indian, African, Modern Middle Eastern, Hyper Regional Asian, Japanese Pub Fare

9. Perfectly Imperfect: Sustainable, Ugly Veg-Fruit, Food Waste

10. Southern Revival: Southern Cuisine, Sorghum, BBQ Reborn, Fried Chicken Takeoff

11. Heirloom Fruits & Veg: World of Squash, Next Level Vegetables, Sprouted Seeds

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