The popularity of chicken in America cannot be rivaled – from mom’s roast chicken dinners to grab-and-go sandwiches; Americans know and love their chicken. Even as tastes evolve, the desire for chicken has not waned but the way in which we go about eating it has. A discerning public is increasingly growing more concerned about how the animals are treated and how the meat is processed, searching out more natural and humane sources when shopping for themselves and family’s weekly chicken dinners. This leaves players in the food and beverage industry in need of new and innovative taste solutions to keep up with a demand for products that do more than just “taste like chicken.”

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Code of Nature is Symrise’s response to this shift of consumer demands in food and beverage. This new taste solution platform from Symrise unlocks and amplifies the real tastes of nature and fulfills consumer demand for the best, natural, honest food and drink. It offers natural ingredients across food and beverage categories that are sustainably sourced, ethically prepared, and deliver amazing real taste.

With Code of Nature’s Discover Chicken, the Symrise Group (Symrise and Diana) is now a one-stop-shop for preferred chicken taste whether it’s a simple ingredient or a complex flavor system.

“By establishing a facility in Banks Co. Georgia, Symrise in cooperation with our Diana partners, has made major investments to future-proof our business via backwards integration and by securing the freshest and most cost advantaged starting material—chicken frames,” said Craig Zurlini, Category Manager, Savory. “Together, this partnership offers the widest portfolio of flavors, meat, fat and broth, making it the most complete range of chicken taste solutions on the market.”

Discover Chicken is supported by 4 pillars that underpin naturalness: Best Natural, Transparency, Technology and Consumer Value.


Consumers are demanding more from their food and gravitating toward what they know is better, safer, and above all, tastier, which begins and ends with natural ingredients. With Discover Chicken, flavor excellence is achieved without the use of taste enhancers. Our chicken taste portfolio is created using 100% freshly cooked chicken meat as opposed to frozen or powdered broth of an unknown age and origin.


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We all know natural is better and the benefits of going natural go beyond taste. Symrise is here to make it clear: our close relationships with partners in organic farming, NAE, and High Animal Welfare allow for safe transparency in our process and for our chicken frames to be traceable back to the trusted partner farmers who enforce the highest standards for animal welfare and sustainable sourcing. "Discover Chicken is about a strong belief in quality,” says Chef Noah Michaels. “Quality starting material creates a higher quality finished product so we use our unique access to high quality, sustainably raised chicken to create chicken flavors with the highest level of flavor fidelity & sound agricultural and moral practices.”



To create the flavors in Discover Chicken, we start with fresh chicken frames and use a gentle, kitchen-like process resulting in the finished product. “Beginning with these fresh chicken frames, The Symrise Group’s plant will generate, through a gentle cooking and separation process, three outputs: broth, fat and cooked meat,” said Zurlini. After utilizing the cooked meat for flavor creation, Symtrap technology enables broth to be added back to enhance the natural taste and flavor profile while providing customers with technical insulation for our brands.



When it comes to food, consumers demand two things above all else: variety and high-quality taste. Discover Chicken offers versatile flavor profiles and an unparalleled portfolio for chicken – including white meat, dark meat, roasted, fried, rotisserie and pan dripping—allowing for use in a wide range of culinary products and enabling our customers to create their own brand signature. “Together [Symrise and Diana], we offer the widest portfolio and most complete range of chicken taste solutions on the market.” Not only does high-quality taste drive home value, but starting with fresh meat also offers sensory validation by reducing the risk of off-putting factors like negative smells, such as sulfur or starchy noodle notes, that are often found in frozen or powered starters. Code of Nature also provides for clean and clear labeling that enables customers to utilize chicken imagery on packaging and relevant claims around real chicken.



For the Code of Nature launch, Symrise created meal prototypes that put chicken front and center. “The menu items display the versatility of Discover Chicken,” said Michaels. “We can create a wide variety of final chicken taste directions appropriate across a wide range of finished applications." Some of these menu items include:

- Thai Chicken “Latte”

- Chicken Sate with Boiled Peanut Hummus

- Mayan Chicken Tamales

Beyond Discover Chicken, Code of Nature platforms include: Naturally Citrus, Discover Chicken, Simply Vanilla, and Botanical Essentials, That’s Onion, Fruity Essentials and Food Bases. Stay tuned to the In-Sight blog for briefs on the other platforms!

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