To say that 2023 is the year of premium indulgence would be an understatement. Food trends across the nation are filled with passion and excitement about trying new things. 

Over the last few years, we've been through a lot. From adjusting to life during a pandemic to cooking at home more often and embracing our inner chef skills, things have been a little interesting — for consumers and for the food and beverage industry. 

As we get back outdoors and embrace the fun of dining out again, there's a drive for one-of-a-kind experiences. Many people are eating new things and seeking out food trends that can help them make lasting memories. Everyone's wanting to indulge in flavors they've never tried and looking for next-level comfort food.

After sitting down with top chefs all across North America, conducting interviews with leading food journalists, and getting input from an array of foodie experts, we've narrowed down the biggest foodie trends for 2023. In this multi-chapter series, we're breaking down everything you need to know about the latest trends and exploring why they're gaining popularity.

In this article, we're going to cover one of four key themes in 2023 foodie trends and dissect what that means for the industry. Let's dive in.


Common 2023 Premium Indulgence Themes

People want big flavors that create savory memories. They're looking for the next big thing with the next tasty bite, and food experts all across America are getting creative with how to bring ingredients and flavors to life in completely new ways. Premium indulgence food trends are the combination of merging nostalgic comfort foods with top-notch ingredients to elevate the flavor profile. This is being done in three key ways:


Hedonistic Luxuries

Traditional luxury toppers such as caviar, foie gras, and Wagyu beef are making waves in consumer indulgence. From social media filling the feed with delicious caviar reviews to consumers wanting to spoil themselves with the finest flavors in life, hedonistic luxuries are taking their spot on the stage for food trends. Fresh menu items like truffles with Wagyu beef and pasta or martinis paired with a caviar bump are gaining attention for their bold and refreshing style. These combinations are entertaining, they're delicious, and they easily blend sweet and savory flavors.


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Luxury Fast Food

Veganism trends have officially shifted from expanding into new cuisines to fully claiming their own identity with premium ingredients. With comforting alternatives to fast food classics, many eaters are shifting to healthier vegan iterations of their favorites. Premium meat alternatives make sure there's no compromise on taste while allowing people to eat hyper-regional foods while feeling good about their choices.


Multi-Layered Sweet & Savory

Food trends are pointing towards a heavy growth in umami flavors in 2023. The combination of smokiness and a savory flavor has become quite popular in cocktails. Not only are these drinks delicious, but they're often visually appealing and distinctive. In the dessert arena, multi-layered offerings with umami and Abruzzi heirloom rye are creating a sweeter depth and nuttier flavor profile to enjoy.


Top Ingredients for Premium Indulgence

In all the premium trends this year, there's a sense of gourmet meets luxury fast food meets experimentation. With so many avenues to go down with pastries, sea flavors, and desserts, it's easy to see premium indulgence as a key player in 2023 flavor trends. 

Southeast Asian and Mexican spices are becoming mainstream in everything from casual dinner recipes to desserts and ice creams. Blending savory and sweet flavors blurs the distinction between menu courses but opens up new ways to enjoy complex umami flavors. 

Wojape, revamped pesto, funfetti, sunflower seed dairy, and nostalgic bubblegum flavors are only a few of the top ingredients we're going to see throughout the year. Let's take a look at some of the key ingredients food experts are using in indulgent desserts and other cuisines to stay on top of the 2023 trends.

For more savory dishes, we're seeing these ingredients gain popularity:

  • Caviar

  • Truffles

  • Wagyu beef

  • Oysters

For sweeter dishes, these ingredients are rising stars:

  • Miso

  • Sweet potato

  • Boozy and spicy additions

  • Chili

Trending beverage ingredients include:

  • Mezcal

  • Vermouth

  • Bitters

  • Amaro


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Indulgent Comfort Trends

The artisanal experience is becoming more and more sought after when it comes to comfort flavors. While comfort junk foods are a special treat, artisanal comfort flavors are becoming more prominent in staple menu items and beverages, not just desserts. Consumers are looking for ethically sourced ingredients to indulge in fresh flavors and craftsmanship, and they're interested in specialty knowledge behind the preparation of what they're eating.

In a survey of 400 food service operators, 26% said they were seeing premium indulgence influence consumer food trends. For example, products like butter made from aquafaba give consumers the experience they want with indulgent dining. This alternative product is memorable because it gives a tailored eating and drinking experience with the flavors diners crave in the formats they value.

Made from chickpeas, aquafaba is the cloudy liquid you find when opening the legumes. The liquid is vegan-friendly, and when blended with oils and fats, it can mimic the texture of butter. This rich sensory experience is a perfect example of a 2023 food trend.

New flavors, refreshing creativity, and ingredients that make eating feel indulgent are going to continue leading the food trends for 2023. Consumers want something exciting and innovative. Savory flavors and an unforgettable experience will keep them coming back to try new things as the dining world and food retail reinvent themselves.

Want to learn about other key food trends and predictions for 2023? Check out more of our reviews on the latest flavors and ingredients. We're breaking down and analyzing everything you need to know about past food trends, current trends, and what potential food trends we can expect to see surface as the year goes on. These premium trends are a great way to discover and better understand what ingredients and flavors, as well as types of dining experiences, consumers are on the hunt for. 


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