Guava flavor trends have been consistently on the rise. Global trends show that guava fruit and guava juice are key ingredients in a plethora of foods and beverages. Packing a punch with flavor, the fruit is both sweet and savory — an ingredient that can add zing to menus of all types. 

Guava is grown all over the world, which makes it as accessible as pineapple, watermelon, and many other fruits. Part of the reason guava is becoming so popular is due to that accessibility. 

Today we're discussing some popular guava flavor trends and guava insights to explore what this delicious fruit might be used as an ingredient for in the future.


International Cocktail Dreaming with Guava

While traveling the world to hunt down the freshest and tastiest guava would be a dream life, consumers don't need to save up for airfare to indulge in top guava food and beverages. As guava has continued to rise in popularity, many bars and restaurants are incorporating sweet flavors into both new and classic drinks. 

Guava is being featured in cocktails and naturally infused into tropical rums (alongside mango and passionfruit). With food and beverage trends leaning toward healthier lifestyles, many consumers are looking for a drink that's light but still delicious and packed with flavor. Guava makes that a reality by adding a distinctive and sweet flavor to any drink. 

Guava-infused cocktails are on the rise. One popular drink choice is a mixture of Corazon Blanco tequila, Ancho Reyes chili liqueur, freshly squeezed lime juice, and guava puree. In a survey about the craveability of tequila-based drinks, 33% of respondents rated the drink as one that they'd have interest in and crave. 

The thing that makes guava such a good addition to many recipes is how well it pairs with other ingredients. Whether it's used as a sweetener for something salty or spicy or in a tropical recipe, the fruit seamlessly blends with a variety of foods and drinks. 


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Guava Food Trends

While guava juice is primarily used for drinks, guava fruit trends don't stop there. In Brazil, guava fruit is commonly used with desserts and sweets. It's used as a jelly or paste and is frequently paired with fresh cheeses. The fruit is beloved and gaining popularity across North America due to its texture, flavor, and usability in so many recipes. 


Global Flavors & Ingredients

From cocktails to sparkling water, this fruit is perfect both when paired with other flavors and as a standalone fruitful ingredient. Guava is being used for everything from tropical blends in milkshakes and smoothies to the main flavor in seltzers and waters. Guava flavor trends show that the fruit is popular among Latino consumers and is considered to be an authentic flavor in various products. 


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Popular Flavor Pairings

Guava shines as part of a team. It's often a key ingredient alongside other fruits and flavors in drinks, candy, and food. The most popular pairings include kiwi, guava, and mango — fun and exciting flavors that are sweet without tasting too sugary. 


Guava Drinking Trends

Guava is ahead of the curve when it comes to higher-end and casual dining. The fruit has seen around a 7.7% growth in interest in pairing it with sparkling waters and sodas, and a 3.9% growth in interest in pairing it with other non-alcoholic drinks. This growth puts guava in the same league as popular flavors such as lavender, cinnamon, peach, and pineapple. 


Guava Craveability

Overall, guava's popularity appears to be steadily climbing the charts. The trend could partially be due to multicultural recipes and uses, but it could also be related to consumers' increased interest in trying new things, which we discuss in our recent food trends review. Regardless of the reasons, guavas are thriving, and the list of top guava-flavored food and beverages is going to keep expanding as trends steer toward organic, ethically sourced, and healthier lifestyle choices. 

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