As health and wellness product purchasing continues to soar amongst consumers, food and beverage companies are constantly challenged to develop new, healthier ways to reach conscious minds. One category that has been growing exponentially is sustainable plant-based products and plant-based products with minimal, whole ingredients. Consumers are also gravitating towards ingredients that do not fall into the high food allergy category and provide nutritional benefits. 

Here are a few!


The newest plant-based milks

The plant-based milk category is expanding more every year.  In 2022 The Planting Hope Brands Hope and Sesame “Barista Blend” milk won the Worlds Plant-Based Award for Best Plant-Based Beverage. The award-winning blend competes well with regular milk's ability to be steamed and frothed. The Hope and Sesame line has other sunflower milk options; hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla to add to coffee, cereal, and your favorite recipes.  Sesame also ticks the eco-friendly box as it's a highly sustainable crop.


At the end of 2022, the plant-based milk market was worth $38.9 billion, so it is no wonder Molson Coors wanted to get in on the action. Molson uses the leftover grains from farmers supplying barley for Molson's beer brands to make a nutritious five-ingredient milk. Golden Wing barley milk has been described as having a malty sweetness similar to the leftover milk in cereal and contains the immune-boosting shitake mushroom.


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Two Big Ancient Grains

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization has designated 2023 as the "Year of the Millets." Grown worldwide, consumers can find millet pasta, cereal, pizza crust, bread, and even whiskey! This gluten-free "ancient grain" has been called out as beneficial for preventing diabetes, helping with weight loss, and lowering cholesterol, and it is high in protein.


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Have you seen sorghum in the grocery isles lately? Popped sorghum is a popular snack in India and can now be found in your local grocery store to purchase and pop! Sorghum is one of the most ancient grains as research shows it dates back to 8000 B.C.E. Gluten-free and rich in phytochemicals, the grain has become more available in the last few years as an alternative popcorn, pasta, baking flour, cereal, and whiskey. You can also find it in crackers combined with other ingredients like hemp. Sorghum syrup is similar to blackstrap molasses but thinner, providing some magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium. 

Consumers will benefit from food and beverage companies' continued efforts to produce healthier, sustainable, plant-based products.  


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