As more and more people make the dietary shift to sustainably made and natural products, companies are getting more innovative to make their consumers happy and healthy. With plant-based trends owning a small section in nearly every grocery store, it won't be long before they become commonplace staples.


Plant-Based Protein

One widespread concern about a diet lacking meat is how to get the necessary protein building blocks for living life to the fullest. Many new and delicious products are on the market that keep consumers satiated — even the meat-eating ones.

  • The Impossible and Beyond Meat brands are possibly the most well-known pioneers of the plant protein movement, beloved by many. The former is a fast-food go-to at Burger King in the Impossible Whopper, and the latter makes a host of products such as sausages, protein crumbles, and meatballs out of pea, mung bean, and rice proteins.

  • Jackfruit is one of the most versatile plant proteins out there, as it has a very mild flavor and the chewy texture you'd expect from pulled pork. KINDRED's Memphis BBQ Jackfruit sandwich is the epitome of classic meets current, and with its green chili aioli and sourdough bread bun, there's nothing quite like it. 


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Plant-Based Cultures 

Nearly every coffee shop — boutique and mainstream — now offers at least one dairy-free milk option for their customers to choose from. Many restaurants focus on the morning hours to serve plant-based cultured products that satisfy and nourish.

  • Not shockingly, almond milk is still the most widely consumed plant-based milk, followed by coconut, soy, cashew, and oat to round up the top five. Califia Farms has made a name in the creamer industry with its zero-sugar flavors and rich consistency.

  • Breakfast is famously the most important meal of the day — for all diets and preferences. Dairy-free yogurts and probiotic drinks are perfect for lactose-intolerant individuals and sometimes offer even more nutritional value than traditional versions.


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Plant-Based Energy

In a world where everything happens on the go, plant-based snacks that fuel the body without weighing it down are often a preferred option for quick and easy energy.

  • Quinoa, millet, and hemp seeds are becoming increasingly popular as the base for energy bars, plant-based snacks, and granolas that offer incredible nutritional benefits and are easy to grab when there's not a lot of time. 

  • Even the energy drink market can't escape the plant-based trend. Companies like Oca and Lotus are helping people come alive and thrive naturally through ingredients like cassava root, cascara, and lotus flower extract in their beverages. 

Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack in between, the plant-based trends are clear — and they're here to stay. Consumers are looking for healthy options they don't have to work extremely hard for and are learning to value their longevity over instant gratification or learned dietary choices. At the end of the day, eating more plants is something more and more people are experimenting with and discovering one of the best culinary secrets: they taste great.


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