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Nampa Newbie: Seasonal drinks

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, we can begin preparations for 2022’s pre-Christmas chaos to throat punch us any day, if it hasn’t already by…
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Drink of the Week: The Loft’s Butterfly Effect

In our Drink of the Week segment, we’ll showcase one unique type of beer, wine, cocktail — you name it — to try at one of the countless breweries,…
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Aquavit: The new Mezcal?

I’ve been on this soapbox for 15 or 20 years; I swear someday it’s going to come to fruition as mezcal did… aquavit is so amazing.” These were the…
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The Most Delicious Fall Drinks

Throughout the Summer and Fall, for Barney Wilczak, fruit subsumes most other concerns. First raspberries, then apricots, several varieties of plum…
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TikTok Cocktail Trends We Want to Try – And Some We Don’t

For those who like to introduce pre-game holiday parties with warm-up parties, there are plenty of drinks trending on TikTok for your at-home cocktail…
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Refreshing morning drink alternatives to coffee

“Coffee will be your best friend,” many of my friends said jokingly as I prepared to enter college as a first-year student. Little did I know how true…
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Cheers! Here Are 16 Delicious, Dietitian-Approved, Healthy-ish Alcoholic Drinks

While anything with alcohol isn’t technically healthy (sorry, there’s no getting around that), it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle without…
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Drink This Much Coffee To Increase Longevity and Prevent Heart Disease, New Study Says

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning—and perhaps another during the mid-afternoon crash—may help to wake you up. However, you might not be aware of…
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Tags: Drink Trends, Mocktails Source: USA Today

How sober are these 'sober' drinks? And why are they so popular?

From Dry January to Sober October, ditching alcohol continues to climb in popularity. With the trend not stopping anytime soon, products are hitting…
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Tags: Drink Trends, Cocktails Source: New Orleans

Drink Pink this October in New Orleans

This is such a great time of year for enjoying a good cocktail. So many places are doing everything they can to embrace the fall weather, festivals…
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