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What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Kombucha Every Day

Few beverages are getting quite as much buzz these days as kombucha. On TikTok alone, #kombucha has racked up more than 875 million views, and celebs…
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How Cocktail Artists Are Turning Complex Drinks into Powders

Ever bought lemonade or iced tea mix in a can — or poured some hot water into dried coffee crystals for your morning joe? Many drinks (and even foods…
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New and Exciting food & drink trends

Never before have I seen such an influx of unique packaging + flavor + health and wellness-focused food and drink as I do now. From modern adult-ish…
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Three Non-Alcoholic St. Paddy’s Day Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. The holiday is celebrated all over the world and is known for its festive…
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Feeling Tired All The Time? These 5 Drinks May Help

When we feel tired, many of us turn to drinks like coffee or tea to give ourselves a boost. While we may feel energised after consuming them, the…
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The Tradition of Drinking Sake in The Winter

When strolling down the street during winter in a Japanese town, you’ll  notice green, fuzzy globes suspended outside doors.  Made of cedar branch…
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Top Drinks to make with your Coffee machine

Having the right coffee machine can make all the difference when it comes to creating delicious drinks at home. From classic drinks to café-style…
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Top 2023 food and beverage trends

 After walking many grocery store isles and researching food and drink predictions for 2023, I came across trends worth talking about.  Here are just…
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3 Benefits of Drinking Chlorophyll Water

It's safe to say that chlorophyll water is a one of the hottest wellness drink trends right now. In fact, "#chlorophyll" has over 550.7 million views…
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The Essential Cocktail Bars of New York City

What makes a cocktail bar go from good to great? Is it the clientele, knowledgable bartenders, cocktails that overperform, a Nicholas Cage-themed…
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