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6 Cocktails Offering a Modern Take on 1970s Disco Drinks

Many of the bars that opened in the past few years could have been spit out of a time capsule. Glam Italian discotecas, LED dance floors and mashed-up…
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Good Libations

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The Rise of Functional Beverages

Functional beverages are among the fastest-growing functional food segments. This is partly due to their perceived benefits for overall health and…
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Banana-Flavored Drinks Are Having a Nostalgic Moment

Bananas go with just about any dessert or breakfast. The perfect oatmeal topper and the base for a banana split, the fruit's flavor is distinct enough…
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Weather the Lull of Dry January With Trendy Mocktails

After the whirlwind of winter holidays and the food and drink that come with them, plenty of people resolve to cut back on rich foods and alcohol to…
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15 Exciting Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Even Appeal to Wine Pros

10 sommeliers share their favorite zero-proof sippers for those occasions when you want a great drink but don’t want alcohol. While we…
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Good Libations

Tags: Drink Trends, Good Libations Source: Time

The Origins of Dry January

The New Year rings in new goals, expectations and beginnings—which for some includes a temporary break from drinking alcohol. Dry January—a month-long…
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Why no- and low-alcohol drinks are the future

Dry January used to be something to endure rather than look forward to, but these days there are so many good alternatives to alcohol that it’s hard…
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Good Libations

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The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks Worth a Shot This Dry January

Every year, more people are trying a Dry January — abstaining from alcoholic drinks for a month — as a way to reset health priorities after the…
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Appetites: Putting a holiday twist on cocktail classics

The Red Nose Room at the Red Cow in Uptown has ten different drinks to help you celebrate the season. There are classics with a festive spin and some…
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Nonalcoholic drinks with complex flavors top NYE trends

New Year’s Eve partiers and restaurant-goers, especially millennials and Gen Zers, are more likely than ever to choose drinks without alcohol this…
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