2023 Global food trends are indicating that food trends have changed quite a bit in the last year. Reflecting on a multitude of results driven by interviews with US food journalists, insights through surveys, and discussions with various chefs and mixologists, we've noticed an inclined shift towards healthy lifestyles and healthier eating. Consumers are pursuing more organic meals, opting for ethical food sources, and trying to stick to more healthy food habits. 

Let's review some of the biggest 2023 food and beverage trends to be on the lookout for. 


 2023 Mega Trends

Compared to 2022, there have been quite a few changes to global food trends. While the push towards healthy eating drastically shifted at the start of the pandemic, it hasn't slowed down in the changes many are making with their food habits. Key trends include but are not limited to a rise in more savory, vegetal-based flavors, stepping away from classic comfort foods to re-imagine gourmet junk foods and a reoccurring craving for umami tastes. 

The top healthy food habit themes we've noticed are:

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

  2. Natural Goodness

  3. Premium Indulgence

  4. Emotional Discoveries

These four megatrends are changing the industry one tasteful trend at a time. Consumers are seeking out healthy eating in more ways than vegan or veggie-based delicacies. Not only does this sense of a healthier lifestyle include what they're putting in their bodies, but many are also focusing on reducing waste, sourcing and supporting locally, and seasonal preservation.


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Natural Selections and Natural Goodness

Fresh flavors are skyrocketing on the food scene. Chefs and producers are finding that patrons are indulging in meals sourced with ingredients from their own backyard. Well, it may not be their specific backyard, but locally grown and prepared. This trend is giving way to more ethical sourcing and is great for the local economy, a win-win for everyone. 


Ethical Sourcing

Taste the difference with ethical food sources that are locally produced and provide indigenous grains for an emphasized flavor. With healthy food habits at the forefront of everyone's mind, local flavors are a reoccurring trend pushing for higher-quality produce. Chefs are sourcing more from local providers on items such as beef, river fish, oysters, uni, and corn. 

These items are used to masterfully prepare savory delicacies such as whole wheat sesame loaf or Beausoleil oyster with cranberry nuoc cham. These creations are fresh, fulfilling, and right in line with vegan food trends.


No Waste but Great Taste

Reducing waste is a consistently growing trend both nationally and globally. The world wastes around 1.4 billion tons of food per year. With a growing focus on reducing waste and preserving ingredients, fermenting, powdering, and pickling in-season produce is becoming increasingly popular. The reinterpretation of vegetables as a whole is allowing many chefs to reinvent popular menu items with more potent and flavorful dishes while helping reduce waste.

Pickled and preserved ingredients are on the rise, with many seeking out items such as kimchi or kombucha. Fresh greens, butter, and cream are being paired with fermented and pickled produce to heighten hidden flavors in a creative yet economically supportive manner.


Flavor Trends

Sugary and bitter flavors aren't entirely out the door, but savory, vegetal flavors are definitely in. Plant-forward flavors are trending with pink pineapple, coriander flower, and citrus lace leading the way on the culinary scale. Mixologists and adult beverage connoisseurs are indulging in a refreshing focus on black mustard seeds, longan fruit, and cara cara. 

Many of these plant-forward flavors are juicy and sweet, with some offering a zesty touch. For beverages, sweeter flavors are leading the way while menu eats are seeing a splurge in savoriness. 


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Peeling Top Global Food Trends Like an Onion

Flavor trends for healthy food predictions throughout 2023 are looking like they'll continue to be on the rise for ingredients that are locally sourced, offer more sustainability, and still pack a punch with sizzling flavor. In both food service and retail, consumers are seeking out foods that help them lead healthier more balanced lifestyles.

Let's look back at a few of the key ingredients for 2023 food and beverage trends, as well as the latest eatery trends.


Savory Favorites

  • Pickled vegetables

  • Beets

  • Brine

  • Seafood (oysters, uni, and river fish)

Sweet Delights

  • Pickled raisins and pickled peaches

  • Fermented butter

  • Kombucha

  • Ancient grains (corn and farro)


  • Pickles

  • Brine

  • Pickled Beets

  • Kombucha+


One of the key food themes for 2023 is pickled ingredients. From appetizers and snacks to full-course meals and drinks, pickling is gaining popularity quickly and is one of the biggest current trends. Not only does this preservation-style method for ingredients help reduce wastefulness, but pickled ingredients are full of flavor. This makes getting creative easy and helps stick to the healthier side of current food trends. All the ingredients above make ethical sourcing easy, which is just another step in the right direction toward more natural and organic food trends. 


2023 Healthy Food Predictions

Overall, food trends are leaning towards sustainability and are carving the way for healthier lifestyles. People want to indulge in more organic eating experiences that leave them feeling better physically while also helping reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind. Home-grown practices for produce are one of 2023's megatrends, allowing chefs and those in the food industry to better pursue the current growing healthy food habits while prioritizing all-natural flavor. 

As the year continues, it's likely that consumers will continue pursuing plant-based dishes that offer positive health benefits without diminishing the delicious taste and enjoyment of a meal. Focusing on flavor properties, ingredients that you can get creative with and produce that gives back to the local community can be vital in sticking to the trends while continuing to stand out. 

Want to keep up with more of the latest food and beverage trends as the year goes on? No worries, we'll keep you updated with everything you need to know about food trends. From which fruits, spices, and seasonal produce is popular to health and lifestyle trends in the market — we've got you covered.


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