After walking many grocery store isles and researching food and drink predictions for 2023, I came across trends worth talking about.  Here are just a few significant trends you will see grow throughout this year.


Power Packed Protein Breakfasts

You have undoubtedly seen protein-packed verbiage on some of the grocery aisle goods.  I often blog about the Keto and Paleo craze, and the craze will continue.  While there are tons of goods labeled "Keto friendly," protein callouts are increasing as we move into 2023 without marketing to just a Keto diet.   The healthy cereal brand Love Grown has expanded its selection since it started with its grain-free, bean-based cereals.  Now Love Grown has a protein-packed version,

Power Puffs +, with 12 grams of plant-based protein per serving.  Clif Kid Z Bars offer a protein version of their yummy kid's granola bars, and the old school favorite, Special K cereal, has a 15grams of protein cereal.  Look for many breakfast and snack foods to be protein-packed as we move through 2023.


Coffee Alternatives

I know coffee alternatives are coming on strong started hearing about them from close peeps in my community.  My massage therapist gave me her testimony about how she made the switch -and she's happy about it!  RYZE Superfoods has over 11k five-star reviews and claim their coffee alternatives offer much better benefits than our beloved Cup of Joe.  Ryze uses the oh-so-magical adaptogenic mushrooms.  These healthy coffee alternatives are a huge deal indeed.


From the Sea

Yes, seaweed crisps have been a thing, but now many other sea vegetables are becoming trend stars. As Whole Foods has named kelp as one of their top food trends; nori, Kombu, dulsi, and bonito flakes are also on the list of the sea trend superfoods.  These sea vegetables have many health benefits for thyroid health and are high in vitamins and minerals, iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.  I use Kombu in all of my grain and soup cooking to add vitamin and mineral benefits, and Kombu adds a savory umami taste to recipes.  Then there is Green Salt, made by dehydrating the sea plant Salicornia, providing a lower sodium salt source.

 As the consumer learns how to use them, these sea miracles will rise in popularity.  There are already thousands of searches for sea vegetable recipes!


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Sober curiosity

Whether it's dry January or increased interest in alcohol-free craft cocktails, a continued curiosity about life sans alcohol is significant.  Companies like Apothekary….offer wine alternatives that give you those relaxed but not impaired vibes.  Their Blissed Over Buzzed Set features two herbal blends, "Stop Your Wine-ing" a powered blend reminiscent of red wine's complexity and flavors.  Containing Motherwort, which helps with relaxation, and other ingredients to reduce stress and provide immunity-boosting health benefits.   Pair Stop Your Wine-ing with the potent tincture Take the Edge Off, and you get promised instant relief from stress and tension.


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Alternative "healthy" Chips

We all love our crunchy snacks, and chips are usually number one!  Kettle brand potato chips now have air-fried varieties.  Shark Tank star Pulp Pantry takes the leftover pulp from juicing companies like Suja to make crunchy, tasty, and environmentally friendly chips.  Yolele supports small West African farmers by buying West Africa's oldest gluten-free cereal grain, Fonio. Yolele sells three flavored Fonio chips described as light and crispy.  Healthy chip options are a hot category.



Whole Foods

While some say plant-based foods are downtrending, and whole foods are uptrending, I say plant-based foods are here to stay, and yes whole foods are definitely in style this new year.

I mean that whole foods are less packaged and processed and have more real ingredients.  This trend was a refreshing one for me.  As a two-decade vegetarian, I am not looking for faux anything; I want restaurants to offer real vegetarian food.  We have just come off years of experimental faux-ish foods: burger meat, chicken, and bacon.  An honest vegetarian burger sans the soy and artificial ingredients, made with rice, beans, nuts, and vegetables, made in-house and delicious-for example.  Consumers of all diet preferences also gravitate to the whole foods direction as the health and wellness movement continues to grow.

Also, supporting more sustainable farming practices, animal welfare, and creative ways to reduce the amount of packaging will create a healthier foundation for all. 2023 is a year of exciting new trends!  Some mind-expanding new ways to think about food and drinks and some down-to-earth connections to healthier choices.


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