By Junior Merino, The Liquid Chef

When it comes to cocktail trends it is important to remember that there are consumer trends (customers) and industry trends (bartenders). When it comes to frozen cocktails, consumers have been embracing and drinking frozen cocktails for decades now and the trend spikes every time the temperature does. However, more and more craft cocktail bartenders are embracing the blender once again.

Let’s chat consumer popularity for a minute. Customers have been ordering frozen margaritas, daiquiris,pina coladas and batidas by the ton since its inception. They are refreshing and light, easy to drink and can be ordered by the glass or by the pitcher. Flavors that have always been popular are strawberry, coconut, banana, mango and lime. And thanks to an adventurous consumer following, we have made exotic ingredients such as rose, avocado, peanut, xoconostle (a sour cactus pear), and cilantro-olive oil popular.

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What was once a taboo subject, the idea of a blender making bartenders in big cities shudder, has now evolved to craft frozen drinks. Since fresh ingredients and high end fruit purees are just a click away, bartenders have been embracing the frozen cocktail as the next canvas for their artistry. Also with the creation of more powerful and quieter blenders such as VitaMix’s The Quiet One, craft frozen daiquiris and frozen Moscow Mules are sweeping the nation!

Now the important element in creating a frozen cocktail is to always keep in mind the dilution of the ice once it gets blended. Since ice and dilution are a integral part of almost every cocktail, this point remains that much more valid. If you don’t properly balance your drink you can either end up with a watery catastrophe, a citrusy fiasco, or a sweet tragedy.

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Don’t be afraid to try new flavors like passion fruit or guava and chipotle. How about going a bit savory with jalapeño and cucumber and rim your cocktail with a gourmet salt or sugar? You could use fresh herbs and fruits or try your hand at purees and concentrates. Be seasonal, be creative and your next party trick could be just the push of a button. 

Feeling up for a challenge, try recreating this four layered cocktail Textures, Densities & Sensations.

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