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Tags: Vegan, Plant-based Source: Eater

Chicago’s First 100-Percent Vegan Food Hall Will Soon Arrive

From hot dogs to Italian beef to Polish sausages to pork chop sandwiches, Chicago’s love affair with meat is well documented. So it might be a…
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What’s New with Vegan Menu Items

You might be surprised to learn that vegetarian and vegan practices date back thousands of years. Famous Greek mathematician and…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Vegan Source: CNET

Foods That Make Being Vegan and Increasing Your Protein Intake Easy

If you've recently considered switching to a plant-based diet, you've probably heard that it's harder to get more protein as a vegan. Protein is…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Vegan Source: CNBC

4 essential food pairings for optimal nutrient absorption, from a vegan dietitian

We all seem to be looking for more ways to get the nutrients our bodies need, but nutrient intake is so much more than just the foods we eat. Even if…
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Community Vegan makes veganism accessible for all through familiar, savory bites

On the corner of East 11th and Lydia streets, the sweet aroma of Community Vegan’s savory bites draws onlookers and customers to the bustling food…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Vegan, savory Source: VegOut

Where to Find Vegan Asian Food in San Diego

Taipei’s glittering night markets produce restaurant-quality food for a fraction of the price. Thailand’s vegetable-centric cuisine begs the question:…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Vegan Source: TimeOut NY

Eat all the Vegan Barbecue you want at this New spot in Midtown

We thought we reached the peak of all things vegan with the plant-based omakase restaurant that opened in NoMad last month. We were wrong: Pure Grit…
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